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  1. Making our issues inescapable
  2. Romney and Obama's Forefathers BOTH polygamists, how quickly things change
  3. Obama-Mangina of the Century
  4. Anarcho-Capitalism
  5. Big government, small government
  6. US recognizes Syria opposition coalition
  7. Iran, Afghanistan seek peace for the world
  8. BBC now admits Al Qaeda never really existed
  9. Military women...
  10. Your take on this Quora answer
  11. Russia opens trial of dead lawyer Magnitsky
  12. We lost 9 trillion dollars, Federal Reserve Bank admits
  13. Australian Election Campaigns
  14. CIA admits full monitoring of Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other social networks
  15. Essay: Is college a worthwhile investment?
  16. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawling wants to gather 10000 men and boys
  17. Petition to make drone monitoring unlawful
  18. Rand Paul's EPIC Filibuster
  19. Mangina Obama doesn't deserve Noble Peace Prize, nor a feminist superhero label
  20. List Of Pro-Male Politicians
  21. Actual misogyny in an actual patriarchy
  22. Does this UK minister make any sense?
  23. Obama's religion revealed!
  24. Political Correctness???
  25. Match the Problems...
  26. Happy Mother's Day from The White House!
  27. Kermit Gosnell Guilty Of First-Degree Murder
  28. Hillary Clinton under fire...
  29. Is Louis Lerner (IRS Scandal) a Feminist?
  30. Welfare...
  31. Australian Family Law...
  32. Walter E. Williams...
  33. Politics! If you must?
  34. TAA on divisive politics
  35. 4th Amendment under Attack...
  36. Faith & Politics...
  37. Senator Dianne Feinstein Hates The 4th Amendment
  39. Prohibition Never Works...
  40. How Culture Precedes Politics
  41. Libertarians
  42. Egyptian military coup
  43. A very interesting discussion
  44. Raisin Thieves!
  45. The Decline of Morality
  46. Prohibition derail: Dr Carl Hart
  47. Libertarians and Climate Change
  48. State of US Education
  49. Red State Blue Woman
  50. Milton Friedman - Reflections On A Free Society
  51. US politics is like football
  52. Justice for Men & Boys ~ thoughts
  53. What guarantees come with voting Libertarian?
  54. Ever see this NSA kids site?
  55. Obama's MLK speech.
  56. Atheism+ can become a party and accomplish this.
  57. Am I the only MRA that supports pro-choice?
  58. Ted Cruz's Obamacare Filibuster
  59. Intellectual Property
  60. What the hell ??
  61. The Roberts Court is the Least Activist in Recent History
  62. Political Pragmatism
  63. My new campaign to keep male sex-soliciting LEGAL
  64. Anchorman loses his shit for good reason
  65. Were Don Yelton's comments really racist?
  66. Campus fascists at it again [Brown University]
  67. Connections between liberalism and feminism...
  68. NYC's New Mayor
  69. Help needed with a Discussion with an New Zealand Politician
  70. L.E.A.P. - Men go to Prison and Women Suffer
  71. Americans Want it All!
  72. bring 'em down
  73. Connections between Feminism and any politics whatsoever
  74. Pro-Choice = Anti-MRA? Not if done right!
  75. The Great Nelson Mandella in His Finest Hour
  76. Abortion poll
  77. Bit-coin - Any Opinions?
  78. False Accusations? MUST WATCH
  79. Which should I vote, the shit hotdog or the shit burger?
  80. 2016 elections
  81. Vets to Take Pension Cuts, Just the Beginning?
  82. Obama The Worst President in US History?
  83. FBI Going After Insider Trading
  84. Rise of religious right coincided EXACTLY with second wave feminism
  85. Chinese Missile Strikes on US College Students IN USA!
  86. Is Men's Rights a Left Right Issue? We'll Find Out!
  87. Where do you get your news?
  88. The Military Might of Isolationism and The Rise of fatherless Children
  89. Interesting Political Debate About the Role of Government
  90. VP Biden on campus rape
  91. Islam and feminism
  92. Which Judas' Priest song best describes the NSA?
  93. My House Rep. vs. the Deputy Drug Czar, via TYT, re: marijuana.
  94. Intersectionality between Marriage Strikers and Liberal Politics.
  95. Conservative Logic
  96. What's Wrong With Nationalism?
  97. Heads up: Getting the younger voters...
  98. I am sick of this cultural Marxism waffle. I hate conspiracy theories.
  99. In California, it's legal to discriminate against men, in favor of women...
  100. Feminism, Social Justice and The Road to Serfdom
  101. Backlash Against Anti-Whites and Anti-Males
  102. EU Skeptics Making Inroads?
  103. Restore net neutrality
  104. response to bullying
  105. Las Vegas shootings prompt allegations of political association
  106. PCUSA General Assembly Votes to Allow Same-Sex Marriage in Their Churches
  107. Stardusk and Barbarossaaaa vs others
  108. Solutions Please! The system is not just AGAINST men, it is against humanity.
  109. What do you think about Katie Pavlich?
  110. Prostitution and the oppression of women
  111. Feminist Libertarian takes on Twitter Bro Bash/Linking without Consent
  112. Hillary Clinton - What do you think of her?
  113. 2014 Midterms
  114. Other alternatives (to Hillary)
  116. Derailing posts; thread to Chritian members
  117. Men, Boys and the State
  118. WTF do we do with this?
  119. Teaching Children Social Justice
  120. Juila Gillard being investigated for fraud
  121. Hayek and Buckley on Social Justice
  122. Potty-mouth princesses and lies
  123. A Libertarian Rant by a Satanist
  124. Men's Rights in a Left Wing Framework
  125. Do you have a preferance between Democrat or Republican
  126. Is Obama a feminist?
  127. Political Labels - A Means of Control
  128. Political Correctness and Muslims in Australia
  129. Norwegian Author Hanne Nabintu Herland: Have Liberal Democratic Values Harmed Society
  130. GamerGate...
  131. Government Reform - your ideas
  132. Look into my eyes!
  133. Speaking of MHRM
  134. #spankaleftist!
  135. "she 'didn't know what Auschwitz was"
  136. Niquab Hub-Bub...
  137. Travel advisory for canada:
  138. I Guess It Isn't Funny Anymore...
  139. This sums it up...
  140. What's Wrong With This Picture???
  141. The Progrssive Argument for... Lindsey Graham?!
  142. Does the men's rights movement connect with the far rights in Europe?
  143. Citizenship Oath...
  144. Canada Decries Mass Execution...
  145. Australian election year
  146. 4 men to hell and back
  147. Pretty Boy Fails To Impress...
  148. Very interesting video
  149. Political analysis according to theplummer
  150. The REAL reason women hate Hillary
  151. Why i hope Trump will win even though it will probably be a disaster
  152. Justin Says Americans Need To Pay More Attention...
  153. Man accused of stabbing Canadian soldiers cited Allah: police...
  154. Who Would Support This???
  155. Why I, as a minority person, endorse Donald Trump as president
  156. Latest update from land whale Cunton...
  157. Free The Market!
  158. Alberta NDP Budget...
  159. PM 'Useful Idiot' Gets Caught...
  160. New Day - Same Lies
  161. Donald Trump to Celebrities...
  162. Just a Thought on Voting
  163. Who wants to be king?
  164. Citizenship Fraud...
  165. Did Obama just Guarantee Trump Victory With Bathroom Order?
  166. We need more ads like this.
  167. Should the US get rid of the electoral college?
  168. What do you think abour Brexit
  169. Someone Please Explain This to Me...
  170. Gun's Cosmetic Appearance???
  171. The Three Amigos Summit...
  172. The Fuck Hillary song
  173. On Bullshit... How a liar uses bullshit to manipulate facts.
  174. Pauline Hanson anti feminist?
  175. My political predictions for the next four years
  176. Obama touts progress on Islamic State...
  177. Bella Vista, NO; Mexico Yes
  178. WTF did Trump say???
  179. Will Smith slams Trump and says Hollywood needs to whitewash Middle Eastern countries
  180. Merkel in a political mess...
  181. How Glaciers Are Formed
  182. Feeling bummed out again today.
  183. Trump making mistake trying to out Democrat the Democrats?
  184. "Make America Great" is HATE SPEECH...
  185. Justin Trudeau Throws Not-So-Subtle Digs At Trump...
  186. Is Trump Finished???
  187. Trump ripped her a new one!
  188. So what happened to "All rape victims must be believed!" ???????
  189. Don't worry, my North American friends! You will never live under sharia law like us!
  190. Russia, Hitlary, Nuclear Bunkers and proof of deliberate media control
  191. Hillary called out by Christopher Hitchens
  192. Trey Gowdy for president 2020
  193. Pulling Out All the Stops for Hillary
  194. Media Bias? No!
  195. Debate, the Third
  196. The Fix Is In!
  197. The Fix: Part 2
  198. What do you think of Huma Abedin?
  199. Latest blog - The real double standard -
  200. 2016 Presidential Election Night - An Eye Opener
  201. Post election speeches
  202. Trump - a ''closet Democrat''?
  203. Trump wants to hear your ideas!!!
  204. Why Trump won/Hillary lost
  205. Electoral College - Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19
  206. Democrats aren't learning. They are still doubling down on identity politics
  207. Obama reads mean tweets
  208. Why do you think Hillary Clinton conceded so quickly?
  209. Green Party candidate raising funds for recount in MI, WI, and PA
  210. Something to show people who claim that Trump was endorsed by the KKK
  211. Jim Webb - the only sane Democrat right now?
  212. Ivanka Trump's inner liberal could make Trump cater to feminists
  213. Jill Stein Nixes Statewide Recount Effort In Pennsylvania
  214. John Pilger, Why the British said no to Europe
  215. Hope for Canada (maybe) in 2019???
  216. First "faithless elector" refuses to vote for Clinton
  217. Is Merkel Finished???
  218. Jeff Sessions and Tom Price voted against VAWA
  219. Requiem for the American Dream
  220. I was wrong...
  221. Obamacare Failed
  222. A Brief Comment from History
  223. Saying goodbye to Hope and Change
  224. My message to Donald Trump
  225. Can Obama's Executive Orders be wiped out with a single vote?
  226. Benjamin Netanyahu: "I built a wall and kept out illegal immigrants"
  227. Trump vs. Clinton
  228. Katie Hopkins responds to UK petition to ban Donald Trump
  229. President Trump, 10 days in
  230. Avaaz is really losing their shit about Donald Trump
  231. The truth about Donald Trump according to Anonymous
  232. The far right rules list
  233. The Prime Minister has a problem...
  234. What's your political spectrum?
  235. Glenn Greenwald on Intelligence Community, Trump
  236. Defunding Government Backfires On Wealthy
  237. Kraut, you awesome individual...
  238. Ever wish you had a "Trudeau Metre"?
  239. Piketty: Bottom 50% has seen ZERO income increase in 40 years
  240. The Soul of the Democratic Party, and Islam
  241. Poll: Should Justin Trudeau step down?
  242. Another Speech
  243. Interesting Video: Clinton, Stein and Trump Supporters...
  244. cultural marxism
  245. A lot raping going on.
  246. My son-in-law likes you guys because you make him laugh a lot
  247. "Hello Angry Losers"
  248. Youtube boycotting companies.
  249. Two Personalities
  250. Aron Flam (Swedish Comedian), Dave Rubin: discuss politics, political correctness