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  1. Violence against men being taught by a professional
  2. What is feminism?
  3. Internet Safety Lessons
  4. A Voice for Men Site Statistics
  5. We have tolerated feminist manipulation for too long
  6. Sense of Duty and the Zeta Male
  7. New Versions of older Posters
  8. The double-bind of being faithful and unfaithful
  9. Mandatory Womens Studies
  10. Feminists In Their Own Words - from the No MA'AM blog
  11. Australia: Disappearance of woman - celebrity uses it for male-bashing
  12. Beyond just US-centric Men's Rights talking points
  13. Female-on-male sexual assault and sexual harassment
  14. It is that easy.
  15. My Father
  16. Paul & JTO
  17. Sex, Love, Misandry, and the Court
  18. I am being cyber stalked by feminists
  19. Misandry in politics?
  20. Infant Male Circumcision
  21. The Wrongarians Want You.
  22. Incorporate the MRM.
  23. Website: Art Of Manliness
  24. Domestic Violence
  25. Female on male violence
  26. Shit stirring 101
  27. Shit I put up with at work.
  28. Are you getting mown down ?
  29. Policy on Including Links in Posts ?
  30. Masculism
  31. Open display of affection, kissing, why is it dying?
  32. Societal levels of Testosterone in serious decline past 100 years?
  33. Successfully convincing people to take the red pill
  34. Remembering a great MRA.
  35. How to prove rape
  36. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, CIA Directed Feminist Movements in world politics
  37. "The Worst Course I Took in Undergrad"
  38. Using humour to get our message out there
  39. Manjina`s are not knights in shining armor, they are retards wrapped in tinfoil.
  40. Just something I scribbled down while bored.
  41. Funny pics : feminism
  42. Women dominated Men at the olympics
  43. Occupy Misandry! (My story of taking the red pill.)
  44. the MRM and political leanings
  45. Active MRA Group in London
  46. Atheism Doubleplusgood Imploding
  47. Where is this relationship going?
  48. From the son of a feminist
  49. Judicial training in Canada
  50. Lesbians who have had ENOUGH of other women
  51. Fem-speak: double-plus huh?
  52. George Romney, fought the Equal Rights Act in 1980, claimed it would destroy families
  53. Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them
  54. Labor Force participation by Gender, Hit em up Style
  55. Leap From Space
  56. Skype
  57. Could teenage pregnancy possibly be the new single motherhood?
  58. A modest proposal
  59. Women are 60% of students in some middle east countries, but still repressed?
  60. Reversal of the Norm
  61. Sitting here listening
  62. Goliath, Lawrence and little girls' basketball
  63. The Femithiest rises from the dead!
  64. Is America MAN ENOUGH to vote? WTF? NYTimes article on testosterone after voting
  65. Arab Labor TV show, who else has watched it?
  66. Are men pre-programmed to protect women or socialized?
  67. What the F---
  68. Mom Who Glued Daughter's Hands to Wall Faces Life in Prison
  69. Bill Burr does an epic tirade on men's issues at the end of his new comedy special
  70. No legal aid for MEN accused of DV in windsor!
  71. A+theists Forming Into Circular Firing Squad
  72. Is this comic correct in the message its giving people lol
  73. "who needs feminism"
  74. A question about trans people
  75. Black actress slammed by negative comments after she voices support for Mitt Romney
  76. Drug the kids stupid to maintain order in class
  77. "Is the Disappearing Male Video fact of fiction?"
  78. NakedCapitalism has just posted australian prime minister attacking sexism
  79. Best podcast's
  80. Ms. Magazine Gloria Steinhem celebrate 40 years today - who will visit her luncheon?
  81. Mystery giant eyeball washes up in Florida
  82. Are you scientifically literate?
  83. Female gets 190K selling her virginity, Male only gets 1K, economics are against us!
  84. Male slaves in Dubai
  85. misandry
  86. Death of the petrodollar?
  87. Agent orange banned from reddit heres a message from him
  88. Kellett- Is she ignorant, dumb or just plain nuts ?
  89. Casey Anthony, a womyn winz again
  90. A self-actualizing woman!
  91. EU men getting raped with new Gender Laws
  92. Physicists devise test to see if we're living in 'The Matrix'
  93. I just have to, because it slayed me, little humor to brighten the day
  94. Why are MRAs and the MRM hated so much?
  95. Google Takes Over You Tube
  96. Daughter says Momma is on cocaine, daddy tries to get her help, always record calls
  97. TYT hosts laugh about male rape during a discussion about women's rights.
  98. Support mash!
  99. The reason you need to stay in your kids lives.
  100. A Bookstore, Pedophiles, and The Little Engine that could
  101. MGTOW Forum Fuckwits
  102. Is Your Girlfriend or Wife a Professional Victim?
  103. Giving Up on GMP
  104. PZ myers called out by prominant athiest
  105. Women dominate the Prez Debates, have top 2 Alpha Dawgs fighting over them
  106. Navy man murdered by ex, complained 2 police, they wouldn't take a man seriously
  107. Possibly working pickup line (not tested yet)
  108. The Dr. F Show will be back just like Arnie
  109. Country is going down like USSR, most important womens issue? Abortion
  110. New Research giving more weight why men have huge genetic hurdles
  111. 2nd try: Feminists In Their Own Words - from the No MA'AM blog
  112. British MRAs - police and crime comissioners!
  113. GBA+
  114. I am thinking of using my real name as an MRA outed.
  115. Stop talking about hypergamy?
  116. ("Mangina" && "White Knight") != "Quisling"
  117. Efficacy of the MRM
  119. The Fraud of Feminism
  120. The Female Brain
  121. Would you let a feminist in your house ?
  122. Will the MRM view of equality become mainstream ?
  123. Boys suspended for accidentally seeing female teachers topless pic on school iPad
  124. Clare's Law. 22/10/12 8pm Channel 4 (UK)
  125. Ironic t-shirts and fundraising
  126. I'm a Leftist MRA
  127. ALERT! Mary Kellett Hearing!!
  128. AVfM Let's Play
  129. MRA's MGTOW's world map.
  130. Local story
  131. Michael Flood Visits AVfM Pissy
  132. My father's story
  133. What would you do if your partner turned into a hardcore feminist
  134. Who here has read Adam Kostakis' Gynocentrism Theory?
  135. Something is missing...
  136. Please help Eric Duckman.
  138. Mitt Romney style..
  139. a sad story about a trainee teacher
  140. This is how being stupid will get you banned
  141. A not so sad story about "sexual harassment"
  142. UCL Debate Video
  143. Politicians doing the right thing
  144. Judge sees through woman's lies
  145. The Wage Gap exists again?
  146. Is there a breaking point?
  147. A question for "former feminists"..
  148. Feminist Language...
  149. Protomisandry -feminism explained before feminism was
  150. private sperm freezes
  151. Men's Rights from a Christian Perspective.
  152. Windows 8 is out
  153. Is a AV4M app creatable?
  154. Situation map
  155. The Orgasm Gap
  156. POP CULTURE CORNER: Great Female Villains
  157. Movember
  158. 7-year-old son stabbed 100 times because she was angry with husband
  159. Woman stabs and kills husband with scissors
  160. Roger Ebert's article
  161. Free AVfM Stickers
  162. Halo 4 Gets "Tough" on Sexist Players!
  163. The New York Marathon shame
  164. Visions of a Feminist Utopia
  165. Feminist jokes here please.
  166. What is "omega"?
  167. A Poem - To Brighten Up Your Weekend
  168. Esther Vilar's 1971 Classic: The Manipulated Man
  169. Googles definition of Rape
  170. Simple question for most but not for me -making a video
  171. So...what do most people not know?
  172. Hurricane Sandy blew all the useful women away
  173. Why nice guys never win
  174. Obama's Report Card on Men's Issues
  175. auto response to shaming language
  176. American Feminism and Sharia law
  177. Comic relief for MRAs
  178. Femnist Children's books
  179. Feminism, Men's Rights and Religion
  180. Sexism: a problem for women.
  181. Orwell's Daughters
  182. Suffragettes Song - Propaganda for Children from the BBC
  183. Remembrance Day
  184. Most Prominent Swedish MRA P
  185. How much did Obama's blatant pandering to women help him in this election?
  186. Women never lie about rape
  187. Sick of women thinking they're tough
  188. A worthy meme
  189. Sharing some data
  190. Missing opportunities to stand up for men's rights
  191. Rape Statistics
  192. A moment that made me think
  193. Feminism turns on itself at the expense of boys becoming self-confident
  194. Disinformation
  195. A painful debate I'm having on TvTropes
  196. I need your help creating the name & motto for a website for male students
  197. Election 2012: A great article
  198. Stop the Gender blame game
  199. What's with the increasing feminization of Microsoft?
  200. Crisis of Capitalism and Men's Rights
  201. Feminists trying to stop Assange speech at Cambridge
  202. It's only child abuse if a man does it...
  203. Transhumanism and Post-Humanism
  204. Breivik was " Anti Feminist" Lol what..
  205. Exaggerated focus on feminism?
  206. Male Disposability and Children
  207. Federal funds to hype the rape culture in Canada
  208. How to silence a whistleblower (as woman)
  209. White House petitions sitedoesn't include men's category
  210. PVP's The adventures of White Knight! (comic strip)
  211. I don't want to be a Hero
  212. "Brave" Streetcar Driver
  213. Penis Article Update
  214. Reactions to presentation of AVfM
  215. Beauty as an exclusively female attribute
  216. Feminists Protest Warren Farrell...
  217. A stunning example of feminist indoctrination and MRA bashing
  218. Atheist Exp. 11/11 episode Australian caller
  219. Meanwhile, across the Ocean... a war is on, and you haven't been notified.
  220. UN Regulating the Internet?
  221. MRI Studies: The Brain Permanently Altered From Infant Circumcision
  222. Dr. Warren Farrell on International Men's Day
  223. Physical Pleasure
  224. His wallet, his "choice"?
  225. You are handed a white feather. What do you do?
  226. Father of MRM. Who is?
  227. International Men's Day
  228. Petition-Removing Femitheist Reborn
  229. What if we called ourselves "Myn"!
  230. Non Sequitur comic strip on the perils of divorce
  231. How to reframe against Leftists (and Women)
  232. A real gem by Taryn Southern
  233. Wrangling with objectivism and other ramblings.
  234. Have you seen this yet?
  235. I need men's rights because...
  236. Att: Australia - Chat to you local MP
  237. Woman Allergic to Modern Life
  238. Happy Thanksgiving those of you over the pond
  239. Looking for hard data
  240. [ARTICLE]Child Support Agency routinely breaching the human rights of fathers
  241. Alternative Marxian analysis of the Household
  242. Austrian Ice Cream Lady - Sprinkles with that?
  243. An Award for FTSU - Here's a candidate
  244. You got with a girl - Did your interests die?
  245. Real-Life Activism Idea
  246. 60 Minutes Australia air story on 4 abducted Italian children by Aussie mother
  247. The war on men
  248. Am I bad for posting these two repulsive images.
  249. The death contract.
  250. Barbara Kay: Another study undermines feminist stereotype of women who kill