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  1. The new Gulag
  2. Heros say "No"
  3. Family Court Fraud
  4. A stub on Divorce and Rape
  5. Response to "A man is a rape supporter"
  6. Scrodinger's Rapist
  7. The Hustler,the Gangster and the Dope Dealer
  8. Of Hamburgers and Male Privilege
  9. Feedback and Help Wanted: Little Visited Men's Issue
  10. Social Justice and the MRM - Salient Sight
  11. Thank you feminism for the world's first Patriarchy - First draft
  12. Her Body, Her Choice
  13. The Heartless Bastard Dating List
  14. Health complications and mortality following infant circumcision
  15. Marginalized and disenfranchised
  16. The Myth of Male Anger
  17. Request for book review
  18. What do you have to complain about?
  19. When MRAs engage in "convenient" misandry
  20. East(men) vs (women)West book
  21. The four levels of MGTOW - betas shrug.
  22. Being a Man in Phi Theta Kappa
  23. Why women's issues shouldn't be off limits to the MRM
  24. Etymology- the undiscovered country of the MRM
  25. Gender Bias in Healthcare funding
  26. Getting a divorce
  27. Genitals Mutilation Culture !!!1!!1!
  28. When The News is Inside You
  29. Gals in video games
  30. Men's Reproductive Rights -- broken down
  31. Adam Kostakis - Lecture 1 - Staring Out From the Abyss.
  32. Adam Kostakis - Lecture 2 - The Same Old Story
  33. The Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics
  34. The Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics. - JadedGuy
  35. Women, want to be more effective leaders? Read on
  36. The shadow governing body
  37. Damien's Story
  38. Adam Kostakis - Lecture 3 - Refuting the Appeal to Dictionary
  39. The Gentlemen's Club and The World of Tomorrow
  40. The Legend of Horace
  41. Boys into Men
  42. Schrodinger's Soulmate
  43. Patriarchy Irish Style
  44. Saul Alinsky
  45. Adam Kostakis - Lecture 4 - Pig Latin
  46. Boys and their Father; Snow Angels
  47. Boys and their Father: The Big Pool
  48. Boys and their Father: LoVe aNd gIrLs
  49. Adam Kostakis lecture 5 - Anatomy of Victim Ideology
  50. Rape: a crime against men
  51. What We Can Learn From Feminism.
  52. Adam Kosakis lecture 6 - Old Wine, New Bottles
  53. The Raping of Johnny
  54. Adam Kostakis - Lecture 7 - The Personal as Political
  55. The Feminist Industry
  56. It finally makes sense to me
  57. A Statement to Madame Justice
  58. An Interpersonal-Violence Tool for Police
  59. The Rise of Chivalric Love: The Power of Shame
  60. Is it time to talk about issues that affect men and children WITHOUT reference to fem
  61. On Egalitarianism and Demographics
  62. The Closet
  63. The AVfM guide to White Knights and Knighthood
  64. Dear feminists
  65. Dear Lesbians
  66. Male Suicide is Funny!: Comedy and Marketing Gone Wrong
  67. Is our society one of hopelessness?
  68. Hard truth for me.
  69. The Pamper Hamper
  70. Digging for gold, above and below.
  71. The Four Levels of Knowing.
  72. I was a Fugitive from the Feminist Chain-Gang
  73. The Last Cap Run.
  74. Edits needed (along with edits and edits, and edits)
  75. Meet The Taymee. The Taymee is us.
  76. The etymology of Misogyny.
  78. Men sexually objectifing women is a sexist and objectifying idea towards men.
  79. Facebook Hates Women?
  80. Letter to Mark Zuckerberg
  81. My Writing
  82. Collateral Damage and Feminism
  83. Falling In Love Isn't Real
  84. Gender Development Index (GDI)
  85. Sex, the Primal Shame Tactic...
  86. It's Happening
  87. When Broken Women Discuss Parenting and Fatherhood
  88. Men's publishing?
  89. Dating Economics
  90. 101 ways for feminists to be decent human beings
  91. How male victims are not taken seriously by feminist culture...
  92. Article on Male Hate Campaigns
  93. Men need not be changed - A rebuttal of sorts
  94. Men Don't Have to be Afraid
  95. Hillary Clinton (not) for President
  96. India's Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act
  97. The reversal of hate speech
  98. This is what a feminist looks like
  99. Growing Up Doesn't Exist
  100. Women drinking should be illegal
  101. A message to men about letting go..
  102. Test for echo, a reality check
  103. Call for Uncensored Dialog met with Censorship and Attack by Mental Health Community
  104. Brick walls are easier to talk to....
  105. "20 Million" Missing Indian Men
  106. So you think you can write? I know you can.
  107. Board / Online Game
  108. Recession, women rose while men fell...
  109. Art of War - Waging war against Feminists
  110. 7 (tentative) principles for the Men
  111. A brief piece on the perspective of the modern Titled 'men are (D)bad'
  112. Japan, The perfect matriarchy, Feminism dialed to 11
  113. super rough draft
  114. ABC runs and hides
  115. Killing and Enslaving Boys: The Reality of Male Disposability
  116. Co-opting the MRM, WoolyBumbleBee
  117. How to be a Strong Independent Woman (satire)
  118. Safe vs Protected...
  119. AskMen.com Is A Gynocentric Resocialization Machine
  120. Mirror Mirror on the Wall........
  121. Why are men so violent?
  122. Aspiring Slaves...
  123. The Night Before Kiss m'Ass
  124. Facebook ignore's its own policies to shock users into Feminism
  125. Que Sera, Sera.......
  126. defining a feminist
  127. Excusing Irrationality
  128. Fleet Street Fox is part of the problem.
  129. Conservative Feminism ; Lobby Goofiness ; Semen
  130. Masculinity and Maleness in Video Games
  131. Movie Madness!
  132. Feminism Is Responsible For The Rape of Women
  133. What the Draft means to me (US draft)
  134. MGTOW is true love of Women.
  135. MGTOW has a Yoga-like effect (on me).
  136. MGTOWs, don't be your own enemy.
  137. Essay 1 - Men, Math and Masculinity
  138. Essay 2 - The End of Men
  139. Gender Roles, Cooperation and Reproductive Success
  140. A indirectly-related request for help...
  141. Sexual freedom and parenting are not mutually exclusive
  142. Patrimalarkey 1: Women on Top
  143. the effectiveness of feminazi propoganda
  144. Legal and administrative abuse
  145. Natural Consequences, First Principles and a little bit of Anarchy
  146. On the Inequities of Victimhood in the Time of War and its Media Representation
  147. coroners role in suppressing the truth about male suicide
  148. I made a graph. XD
  149. Feminism hurts women too
  150. The true meaning of Christmas. I mean, MGTOW. Whatever.
  151. Why are women so horrible to men?
  152. Is this the basis of an article?
  153. Misandry at Dawn
  154. Sky Rapers are a tool of the Patriarchy
  155. revenge is sweet
  156. NAFALT. S'tru. I changed the definition of feminism to make it fit.
  157. Don't Engage
  158. Hot Topic: Murder T-Shirts
  159. "Bray a Fool in Mortar with Wheat" - Western Media's Misandry
  160. All men oppress all women, or, the illusion of power
  161. The Feminist Rape Agenda
  162. TV shows and even cartoons portraying men as weak fools.
  163. The "How can she slap?!" effect; a call to all white knights
  164. It is time to put the “Women suffer in the Middle East” argument put to rest.
  165. Society only focuses upon male problems
  166. A video idea
  167. Induced Asexuality or Optional Asexuality
  168. Misandry and Emasculation in Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'
  169. Feminism’s Theft of Moral Authority
  170. Why single mothers are a failure
  171. Cunt-blocking adria and her sisters
  172. Porn is war on women
  173. Our own hugo switzer
  174. Women don't care about money! ;)
  175. Fatherlessness, Identity, Feminism, and the MRM
  176. The Demon's Epiphany (Short Fiction)
  177. AVFM podcast failure
  178. Feminist's Terminology
  179. Github : Paying the price for hiring cunts
  180. A question and an answer - the loss of innocence
  181. Knowing thy enemy.
  182. Warren Farrell says Write to Major Newspapers to Spread Awareness of Men's Rights
  183. I Owe a Tremendous Amount to Hanna Rosin
  184. Men and Boys’ Health & Safety Apparently Isn’t That Important
  185. Tips for Feminist Plants
  186. Every woman you know could be a child abuser
  187. The Toxic Appeal of Demonization (Just ranting off after a frustrating week)
  188. A Formal, Didactic Poem on a Topic Relevant to the General Welfare of the Human Male
  189. Circumcision: The Double Standard of Genital Mutilation
  190. Chrysalides: The Tragedy of Male Suicide (A Poem)
  191. I Can't Get Laid
  192. Story Idea
  193. Men are Exceptional
  194. Every reason why MGTOW.
  195. The Quote-Mine Mine [concept thread]
  196. What Does #YesAllWomen Expect of Men?
  197. The folly that is the gender neutrality movement.
  198. Gender of a Lesser God
  199. Why Are Words Sometimes Put in Brackets?
  200. #yesallwomen: comparing it to racism.
  201. Satirical correctness
  202. Losing to Michelle part 1- antifeminist fiction
  203. Is Amanda Marcotte A Sociopath Who Manipulates Her Audience?
  204. The Flensing Of Lindy West
  205. The feminist Chorus: As Sung By Men
  206. "Slut shaming" mentality
  207. August 3rd: Let's Help Celebrate International Boys Day!
  208. Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
  209. Look Kids, A Loser
  210. Intentionally misinterpreting #WomenAgainstFeminism
  211. Really REALLY bad sex
  212. Female privileges, I have a lot.
  213. A Radical Family Law Utopia
  214. The Patriarchy
  215. Circumcision's Hymn (Poetry)
  216. Feminism Defined
  217. Video Games: The Problem with female characters
  218. Where have all the good men gone?
  219. The counterproductive nature of gender feminism
  220. The crucial factor that will finally end feminist expansion
  221. Pregnancy registration - A proposal for critique
  222. What to value and what not to value in women
  223. A Sad Day for Canadian Men
  224. IMD What are wecelebrating? Michael Kimmel
  225. Does anyone know of a website where one can create a free webpage?
  226. Protecting children from sexual material
  227. Muhammad Ali; on women covering up...social conservatism vs sex-posetive feminism
  228. My latest blog...An American Horror story...
  229. Latest blogs; Elliot Rodgers; the monster feminists made
  230. the innaugrual start to by blog
  231. new blog post, the trangendered mind and suicide
  232. New blog post: My grandmother, feminism, and the end of an era
  233. Two latest blogs...Hunger games and toxic women..
  234. Feminist Hypocrisy and The Little Red Riding Hood Treatment
  235. new blog post, substance abuse and transgenderism
  236. thoughts about my father, being fair to my father
  237. ISIS, Kayla Mueller, and the value of a human life
  238. new blog post...when will we admit that men can be raped? my experiences
  239. Is "patriarchy" male domination? Or is it domination and control OF males?
  240. my life as a woman part one: if heroin's better than sex, this was better than heroin
  241. my life story, philosophy, heroin, transgenderism and psychosis
  242. My latest blog on American Sniper...
  243. The "manosphere" and how to be a patriarchal overlord
  244. Here's a new article on language and sexism
  245. Critique and suggestions for the Men's Rights Movement
  246. Exploring the world of gynocentrism
  247. World Economic Forum Redefines Gender Parity - Short article first version
  248. Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but
  249. Working on a graphic
  250. A couple of new blog entries...