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  1. This is one reason why you might get banned - "Some girls rape easy" By ManginaMagic.
  2. Feminism questions.
  3. An understanding
  4. The War on Women
  5. Hypocrisy Accusations vs Freedom of Speech/Thought
  6. To Feminist Quislings - A message for you.
  7. GT66 - Cornchip Boy's Finest Export
  8. Coriolanus - Wants to set up a fight-club with dominatrixes.
  9. LydiaTheBroken - Keep this woman AWAY from your kids.
  10. WholeSomeDick - UnwholeSomePrick
  11. JAFO - A Man. A Plan. No canal. Just a fuckwit really.
  12. JimStory - Biff Tannen has a meltdown. Got it. Get it. Good
  13. KeanoReeves - Not the Actor
  14. Typhonic - The Typhoon that blew in, blew off then blew away.
  15. Dominck Destine - An eye for an eye, and we say there's the door and buh bye.
  16. Erwin Peters - The kid with Top Secret Spy Kit.
  17. Hans Trooper - He loves Dr. F like M.A.D.
  18. MRM is about hate...
  19. Rchdww1 - The real men are in town bitches. Yeehawww !
  20. "Do Women Feel Guilt" Insane title I know, and what can one do but shake their head?
  21. Nasty thread.
  22. Bowspearer pathetically tries to use this forum to run down its owner
  23. Dr. F tells ManginaMagic on forum to be smarter, He tasers him senseless.
  24. Should I Even Fucking Care. Wherein 2 blokes nip and snap like kids over candy.
  25. Highly graphic video on Youtube (male castration)
  26. Male castration
  27. Non biological lesbian mothers have more rights than fathers.
  28. Sotomyer advocates for castrating white men
  29. Wherein Jimbobrosso demonstrates how one gets banned.
  30. I am a feminist
  31. Why the fuck is this forum blue?
  32. I have a confession to make
  33. To This Community as a Whole
  34. Feminism and Socialism
  35. Some things just piss me off.
  36. Fuck, I can't talk about it
  37. So I made a thread a few months back.
  38. Manhood - What the fuck?
  39. I'm here!
  40. The Great Debate - Manhood Academy vs AVFM
  41. I hate it how I can't make the rules here. Or, "I am Baby hear me Waaa".
  42. Why I think Mens Right
  43. Help with signatures for whitehouse.gov petition
  44. Joke
  45. Men's rights is a left-right issue
  46. Rules for Romance from One Father to His Son
  47. Serena Williams a closet MRA? Got this off Drudge
  48. Ask an Angry Dick Anything
  49. Educating Justice
  50. The reaction of feminists to Vasalgel
  51. Cracked.com's David Wong responds to informative post about Anita's plagiarism
  52. Are interracial couples the same across the US? (White men Asian women)
  53. Oh God, I've become one of THEM!
  54. Gender divison in two opposites is greatest mistake of mankind
  55. PUA scammers exposed
  56. HIV Vaccines?
  57. I am so fucking suicidal
  58. Doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined
  59. I am a male feminist and I'm interested in AVfM
  60. Lucian is a Neo-nazi
  61. DIY video surveillance advice!
  62. MGTOW is BS !
  63. Hi ^-^
  64. This opinion will be controversial to fellow MRAs
  65. How big of a gap is there between an attractive White man vs an attractive non-White?
  66. Feral FEMEN crashes Christmas service, nude woman plays Christ in Church
  67. Cumming on your partners face, do you like it or not? (male only poll, sorry ladies!)
  68. I stalk Narcissistic women...
  69. 9 Things You Didn't Know Contributed to Rape Culture
  70. If MHRAs advocate for and respect men's freedom of choice...
  71. QUICK weight loss?!
  72. It's been nice knowing you guys
  73. "The AWFUL Manifesto" (shameless self promotion)
  74. About The Hatred Of Women
  75. A piece of Sara Radovanovich's mind
  76. disappointment with censorship on this forum
  77. Girls gone bad
  78. Men: Declare War on Women!
  79. "speshul snoooooowflake!!!!"
  80. Favourite alcoholic drinks?
  81. 70% of women are parasites
  82. Looking for a feminists quote/article.
  83. test post
  84. I'm expecting this to get tossed into the Waste of Time bin pretty soon
  85. Watch_Dogs : art imitating life!
  86. What I thought...
  87. Interesting tech
  88. I got called a misogynist today. Am I cool now?
  89. The feminist metaphor - Melon Heads
  90. Age and time
  91. Hellen Keller never told a lie
  92. catchy cartoons
  93. A man's best friend
  94. what is your latest first world problem?
  95. exclusive mgtow discussion thread, No mra discussion please,
  96. Mgtows not welcome
  97. Hitler's principle = Womens' principle
  98. This pretty much sums up WHY I HATE WOMEN.
  99. Quick-and-dirty tips and tricks for aspiring alphas
  100. Women Are Defective But There IS Hope
  101. 30 Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man
  102. Docs: Victim blaming, gas lighting, emotional betrayal and learned helplessness
  103. Marine Corp humor
  104. Woman attempts to castrate 4 YO son.
  105. Male feminist Nicholas Kristof's sex traffic Facebook page a study in irony
  106. Single and no car...
  107. Most Gynocentric Anime Genre Ever?
  108. Sign Of The Times... :D
  109. Raise Chickens...Of Course!
  110. You win again math
  111. Blame the Crossbow Lobby...
  112. How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden
  113. Charlottesville
  114. Nonsense
  115. Gets my Goat!