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  1. A letter to a future daughter-in-law
  2. A letter from a brother to a sister.
  3. A letter to my son never born, and to be opened on this day in 2031.
  4. An open letter to my own daughter
  5. An open letter to Andrew.
  6. An open letter to Richard Dawkins (about circumcision)
  7. Open Letter to University Mens Organizations
  8. Open Letter To Hoopla: WTF
  9. an open letter ... to us
  10. Open Letter to my Facebook Friends (opinions requested)
  11. Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee
  12. Open Letter To Facebook
  13. Open Letter to A Career girl.
  14. To Gay Feminists...
  15. Letter to Address the Violation of Due Process on the Behalf of US Military Personnel
  16. A Poemsong to Literary Nonsense Writers from the Point of View of a Feminist
  17. Response to the unhirable Stay At Home Mom
  18. The Men's Rights Movement Hasn't Failed
  19. A Refutation of White Male Privilege
  20. Open letter to the Press for Interactive Entertainment
  21. Dear Mr. Paul Elam,