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  1. fun rants
  2. Tired of "Man" philosophy.
  3. "Fuck Your Opinion" with Victor Zen: Ideology and Reason
  4. "Fuck Your Opinion" with Victor Zen: Objectifying Women
  5. Fuck, not again!
  6. [READ FIRST] Introduction and simple anonymous Youtube tutorial
  7. FUCK YER OPINION - Studies have shown...
  8. FYO - Smujectuvikashun
  9. on popular media's portrayal of men as partners
  10. Rant on "Don't Rape"
  11. Beware of Greeks/Feminists bearing
  12. FYO - PyCon
  13. A rant about MRMs who advocate "equality"
  14. FYO - Flush the Damn Toilet!
  15. needless blue on blues..
  16. Stop looking at the trees and see the forest
  17. The Egg Shell Dance
  18. Debate.org MRA topics
  19. When did it become okay to hate white men?
  20. FYO - Corny girl's names
  21. Just a mini-rant
  22. Recent argument with a feminist
  23. University of Toronto as a Microcosm
  24. This is a thought exercise
  25. Patriarchy
  26. The Privilege of Language
  27. Analysis Paralysis - Preferential Treatment for Women
  28. Rant about advertising availability to women, minorities and other protected groups
  29. I really dislike ignorant people.
  30. My first rant!
  31. Do the governments really care about women?
  32. Man Up!
  33. Consent
  34. The List of Shit you Should Know if we are Boning
  35. Imaginary Friends
  36. Her Milkshakes Brings All the Boys to the Yard
  37. A Tactic
  38. Is justice just minding your own business?
  39. MRA rant spoken in sarumon's voice
  40. (Ragnar Guest Rant) Your Voice Corner (Part 1 of 3)
  41. (Lensman Guest Rant) Your Voice Corner (Part 2 of 3)
  42. (Kiwi Helen Guest Rant) Your Voice Corner (Part 3 of 3)
  43. A Rant on Men
  44. Well, surprise, surprise; Was up for parole, and got denied.
  45. Well surprise, surprise, my parole was denied: vs. 2.0
  47. women AND children?
  48. John Hembling about Earl Silverman.
  49. FYO - Old People
  50. Optimists, Pessimists and Feminists?
  51. SlutWalk
  52. FYO - When Comedy Isn't
  53. Living in Code Yellow: Self-made victims of the threat narrative
  54. Rape Jokes !
  55. Chronicles of Yogurtopia - Egalitarianism and Personal Limits
  56. Rape Victim Blaming
  57. The Sex Industry
  58. Women have too much time to be happy...
  59. Rape Culture, Straw Arguments, Feminism, etc
  60. Am I too cynical? FFS !
  61. The Nice Guy and Feminism
  62. So much hate for white knights/praise for REAL feminists
  63. Arias and the HuffPo
  64. Porn Sex and WTF
  65. AGH!
  66. Oppsession with male genital mutilation
  67. Gendercide or Genocide?
  68. I love my Little Girls...
  70. The future of feminist run society
  71. Too Many Males
  72. Feminist leaders, brainwashing, and breaking the cycle.
  73. The National Organization for Women
  74. Euphemisms are not excuses
  75. What is rape?
  76. Mao Tse Tung was lousy at math...
  77. Regulating Women's Bodies? Not so much...
  78. Damn It Woman...
  79. Organ Donation
  80. Sexist when they want it, "helpless little me" when they don't
  81. Deliberate obtuseness to claim offence
  82. More Lego Hate
  83. Bah
  84. The latest bit of Misandry on my newsfeed
  85. male privilege - ya right.
  86. No Politics
  87. The tyranny of exclamation point overuse
  88. The purpose of the thing called "male laziness", and why he acts "like a baby"
  89. Control
  90. You Blame Women/Feminism for EVERYTHING1!!1!!!!!one!
  91. Annoying clients!
  92. Why do MRAs treat female supporters so much better than feminists treat male support?
  93. My idea for a bumper sticker
  94. Being a large man really, really sucks.
  95. Remember Big Red's List???
  96. The objectification non-sequitur.
  98. Something noticed while watching
  99. Challenging feminist narratives on other forums
  100. what are your thoughts on this comment about the media and race?
  101. Mind control feminist style, because you're a man, stupid!
  102. Cranky
  103. Probably a feminist
  104. Poltical correctness gone wild
  105. Back up your smack, bitches...
  106. Shocking msg to femisits
  107. Barred
  108. Hang out heads in shame! Heres why
  109. Fuck Hope
  110. "Playboy degrades women"
  111. alternate lifestyle group that hates single men
  112. Feminist Game About Game Development
  113. My big criticism with the manosphere.
  114. David Futrelle Is A Cowardly Fucktard
  115. Celebrity Culture
  116. Hate crimes and equal protection
  117. In Defense of Romeo Rose
  118. Womyn Vs. Women
  119. Victim blaming
  120. Misandry In the Media
  121. Motherfucking french fry spaghetti oh my god
  122. "Government Shutdown" Rant
  123. I hate the way men are stomped over.
  124. Fucking Gold Diggers!
  125. What do you hate about Christians?
  126. So sick of the pink ribbons everywhere
  127. FAFSA Bullshit.
  128. A Critical Criticism of the MHRM
  129. Small thing but it bothered me
  130. A Poem for Feminists
  131. Youtube FAIL
  132. Shitty Library Brainwashing
  133. Losing respect for local police
  134. Today I became a victim of gender profiling
  135. Seriously?!
  136. Let
  137. canada best place in the world
  138. What the Hell....
  139. Nephanor's Natterings
  140. Trigger Warning - "I drink your male tears"
  141. Harassment pet peeve.
  142. The Scourge of the Fake Gamers
  143. Meme wars - teach your daughter to shoot
  144. Fuck Facebook
  145. Speaking to brick walls
  147. A slow death for Youtube.
  148. I have No Empathy.
  149. Tumblr
  150. Becauseiamawasteofeducationalresources
  151. Fewer women in the workforce
  152. Initial Human State
  153. How do you even keep your energy up?
  154. Depression: The Gender Stereotype Circus
  155. Asking for directions
  156. Street Harassment
  157. Fuck you, Atlanta
  158. Fuck you Ban Ki Moon
  159. The website
  160. Why did I ever think googling for "I need feminism" would be a good idea
  161. Given Up On Trying
  162. Let's pretend that patriarchy theory is true
  163. A terse observation
  164. NS in Singapore
  165. Mega Rant!
  166. Lame late night musing
  167. Slaving over a hot stove.
  168. I'm not your bitch, get off my ass.
  169. Gynocentrism
  170. Dear lady in the grocery store
  171. 5000 years of wisdom.
  172. My Two Cents
  173. Why is not having kids a fucking crime?
  174. Mangina National Anthem
  175. mainstream media hates men
  176. To hold .... or not to hold.
  177. Women who fish for compliments but hate when they're not to their liking
  178. Cunts
  179. Hitler in the Vagina?
  180. Politically correct "beauty"
  181. Replying to Embedded Videos
  182. To some idiot colleague that bugs me
  183. As Much as Change would be good.
  184. More Money is allotted to arrest men and encourage protection order
  185. Check out this gem
  186. Terrible state of dating in Churches in the UK. Is it feminism?
  187. Race card moron.
  188. Mangina boss - how to navigate?
  189. Effing Youtube!
  190. Saw this in my local hospital
  191. Why do men have to carry everything?
  192. Toronto Protest: Is this the woman, calling names
  193. Stupidest thing I heard today: USA Schooling at its finest
  194. Feminazi
  195. You're teaching our son not to respect women.
  196. The other woman
  197. What you find on Tumblr
  198. Just need to hear something positive right now.
  199. Story of boobs and speeding tickets...
  200. Why now?
  201. MRA's... Identify yourselves!
  202. Anita Sarkeesian Claims Harassment is due to "Interneting while female"
  203. Effin Olympics -> P&G
  204. Male friend was raped, an angry rant.
  205. Popular Music Symbolizes Human Stupidity
  206. On Bitches (a rant)
  207. Chivalry madness!
  208. "I prefer older men, they're so much more mature!"
  209. Misandry, aisle 2
  210. Gender Ideologues invading Academia - Urban Planning
  211. Women feel no Empathy
  212. Piece of Meat
  213. Urgh so, looks like 37% of MRAs have a problem with the tone too
  214. My Cousin is a White Knight - Now he's paying the price
  215. Your feelings are great: Just turn them off when I don't want them
  216. my ex-wife is a moronic c&^%
  217. Turning Boys into Girls....WHAT!?
  218. Agents of SHIELD - The battered and victim-blamed sex slave episode
  219. Great ironies of feminism...
  220. Don't breastfeed your sons
  221. Racism and perhaps some other topics
  222. Patriarchy theory in a nutshell...
  223. A thing that I personally hate about feminism.
  224. Question./Non-Heterosexual MHRAs?
  225. I just really want to vent...
  226. Sent to the Deep Green Resistance (Radical Feminist Organization)
  227. WTF is that kid wearing?
  228. My personal take on "rape culture"
  229. Fuck you, Facebook
  230. Ymca/ywca
  231. Laurie Penny
  232. Tired of being seen as the scourge of the Earth
  233. Feminism targets asexuals
  234. "Entities with uteri"
  235. My first rant.
  236. Clinton is dumb...
  237. Brick of Logic....INCOMING!
  238. It's funny, I know...
  239. My vindictive ex wife. Child support.
  240. US Airways Customer Support, a New Low Public Relations NSFW!
  241. Fml
  242. Unpopular opinion
  243. The Big Bang Theory Rant
  244. The MRAs who ask for everything
  245. Just because feminists hold inconsistent positions doesn't mean you should
  246. Schools not teaching...
  247. Venus Fly Traps.
  248. watching corruption spread
  249. Just a little rant - le petit rant
  250. A professional victim in the making