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  1. New AVfM Wiki project
  2. Assistance making a Letter Template.
  3. Resurrecting Menz Magazine
  4. Sublime Patriarch's Elevator Sticker Hell (V2.0)
  5. Mens Rights crowdfunding platform.
  6. The Gentlemen's Club and The World of Tomorrow
  7. Welcome to Project Central
  8. Annoy your Representative Challenge
  9. New Website.
  10. A PSA Video to share
  11. Finally published my book
  12. Promoting illegal activities where to draw the line ?
  13. Defining Feminism
  14. Deprogrammed
  15. Image Hosting
  16. Ideas for Male Positive Suicide Hotlines
  17. Crazy Idea #2
  18. Let's do something to protect father's day
  19. Opposing feminist infiltration of schools
  20. A new flavor of Relationship Advising
  21. RapistWalk
  22. Facebook Misandry Collection
  23. Gender Studies Textbook
  24. Made a new blog.
  25. GOM Reply to Steve Shives (Video updated)
  26. A Call to Action - Profile WAM!'s Signatories
  27. A thought about Facebook
  28. Help making a survey.
  29. AVFM Forum Demographics And Attitude Survey 2013
  30. Mafia - A training ground for serious discussion
  31. Counter petition to "Close the 'Rape Pornography' Loophole"
  32. Serious inquiries only.
  33. AVFM Sticker Bombing Olympics !!!
  34. The "I Need Feminism Because..." LOL Campaign
  35. A Horrendous Injustice!-We HAVE to do something!
  36. Mainstream Media, e.g. Diane Rehm show
  37. We MUST stand against this Injustice! - Activism/Project
  38. minor facebook thing
  39. We're more popular on the internets than feminism now
  40. Creating web site and need volunteers
  41. Have I got a scheme for you my brothers of the Patriarchy !
  42. Representing the MRM online
  43. MRM Postering campaign?
  44. realheroesproject
  45. Should we have a wiki?
  46. Looking for Volunteers
  47. Wikipedia Campaign?
  48. Looking for more than Occidental College
  49. Endorse Leading Women For Shared Parenting Mission Statement
  50. Mundo de hablar hispano/espaƱol
  51. English speaking world
  52. WikiMANNia: Call for help -- defeat feminist censorship!
  53. Looking for a virus
  54. A Petition To Sign To Combat Racism/Sexism Against Straight White Men
  55. looking for two false rape reports
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  57. hate crime hoaxes in Britain - just published
  58. Looking for help researching - DV Shelter