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  1. My experience
  2. Luck was on my side*
  3. A little local news story.
  4. Martha's Story
  5. Paternity Fraud Busted in Tennessee
  6. Trivial Everyday Misandry Thread
  7. I thought y'all might need Some Anti Rage
  8. False allegations at work (1988)
  9. Lori Handrahan, Ph.D from London School of Economics, pathological liar is busted
  10. Gender-based price differences in shows
  11. So my local hardware store is promoting 'Female Friendly Accredited'
  12. About Male Privilege
  13. My Fathers story
  14. Virgin Life Insurance Ads Misandrist
  15. gender agenda in the Sweden Army
  16. False attempted rape allegation.
  17. Unkown woman destroys car and gets applauded
  18. Female privilege, or just an opportunity to gossip?
  19. Salvation Army fires a guy because... because he's a guy
  20. Japanese herbivores oppress women! (Oh noes!)
  21. I really can't do anything but rage at this
  22. Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks
  23. Welcome to this forum.
  24. It is not your body. You are only a man.
  25. Your daily dose of Misandry, get it while it's hot!
  26. Thoughts on this article "22 things wrong with American men"
  27. Man Up Campaign. (Ireland)
  28. Misandry in schools
  29. Traditionalism strikes again
  30. While on Tumblr I discovered something truly fucking bizarre....
  31. abc-mt isa woman charged with murder - spin story to a male crime
  32. X-factor (show) woman disfigure bf's face - no custodial sentence
  33. " Stick it to the Man-e-osis "
  34. "Misandry" keyword on Twitter
  35. research on misandry
  36. Did anyone notice this?
  37. HPV vaccinations are just wrong.
  38. More Sandy Hook BS
  39. a pro-male political party in the uk? ...
  40. Man decides to show testicles to officer, to avoid arrest ...
  41. Women senators blame testosterone for Washington dc
  42. The Age - At it Again - Annual Wage Gap.
  43. Domestic Violence site for children - Completely Vilifies Men
  44. You should read a local Men's Rights site about false DV charge.
  45. feminism why you so dumb 2.0
  46. Man ready to jump to suicide, people documenting the scene
  47. I'm just going to leave this here...
  48. Calgary Woman Sentenced for False Allegation
  49. Shocking misandry in Battlestar Galactica
  50. How low can a woman go to hating a man?
  51. More Facebook Status Misandry
  52. I don't have words....
  53. Ads and the male libido
  54. Upcoming discussion with Warren Farrell and Erin Pizzey -Monday, Jan 14
  55. Horrific article on Jezebel...
  56. To prevent rape, fight masculinity
  57. Article: Here
  58. different day.. same bullshit.
  59. Brain Banks Story
  60. Misandric posters corrected.
  61. Women's Rights News
  62. German Faux-Pas Word of the Year 2012
  63. male genital mutilation in the news
  64. a simple question
  65. News: Single mums figure big in $80m South Australian welfare fraud - report
  66. Woman kills bf with her breasts
  67. Man wins case against ex wife for child fraud
  68. Silence is guilt evidence - possibility to be considered by Supreme Court
  69. Consensual sex is rape if the man later refuses to marry
  70. Prince goerge B.C. male youth sexual assault
  71. Why is this branch of the SFPD called 'special victims unit'?
  72. Misandry in India.
  73. Open Season on KILLING x-husbands.
  74. aVfM - 1000 users ...
  75. One Billion Rising Campaign
  76. EverydaySexism (a feminist organizing) is aiming for a shorty award!!
  77. A book discussion turns into mansplaining
  78. Australian Parliament - Misandry Reports.
  79. Hair cut price must be same for men and women - Denmark
  80. Some good news brought to you by Pierce Harlan
  81. Prostate cancer, new study and stats
  82. Crabtree rape case falling Apart!
  83. women will now be allowed in combat
  84. Girls against Boys movie
  85. Women in Combat: An End to The Draft?
  86. one sided story on contraception
  87. Judge: No jail for woman in Belfast Maine who murdered her husband while he slept
  88. Wage Gap Myth Exposed -- By Feminists
  89. In the news: The Lonely Existence Of A Men's Rights Advocate
  90. Policing masculinity in Slim Jim ads
  91. Canada: Unmarried Quebec couples have no right to alimony, Supreme court rules
  92. Because i am a girl
  93. Don't Be That Guy campaign, Ireland.
  94. Female teacher rapes student, media biased
  95. 128,000 men in Texas pay child support for kids who aren't theirs!! WTF!?!?
  96. Hilarious fail by tumblr feminist
  97. Boys must ask for toilet paper and sign it out
  98. Fantastic News!
  99. My story, a long crazy read, but explains why I'm now hooked on the red pill.
  100. God dammit, Google.
  101. Apple: Controversial app lets you beat up your boyfriend
  102. Husbands who do 'her' chores have less sex, study finds
  103. Male studies in Aus.
  104. "Abuse your Boyfriend" app available on iPhone and Android
  105. UofT article about UTSUs stance on AVfM
  106. NEW MALE STUDIES The first issue of the new year is up
  107. Practice of Male Circumcision: Human Rights
  108. Male marines list false sexual assault/harassment accusations as biggest concern
  109. Times of India advert: "If you do not respect women, you are only half a man"
  110. Bringing toy gun in school - Double standard
  111. War veterans high suicide numbers in Usa
  112. Penalty for touching royalty
  113. A Challenge to MRAs
  114. Judge bans man from speaking to women for 10 years
  115. Victim tells court she can't remember how she ended up at cabbie's apartment
  116. I need Help! Eloy PD settled my wrongful arrest suit but charges still remain!
  117. Cnn interesting article
  118. France upholds paternity test bans
  119. Boy whooped with belt while in Dollar General store, by employee
  120. Michelle Obama
  121. The tie! It BURNS!
  122. Somali woman who alleged rape given jail term
  123. I love you India - Yeah fuck you mate.
  124. Dear Canadians,
  125. School: The Boys at the Back -Christina Hoff Sommers. NYTimes
  126. Robert Franklin of Fathers&Families pens piece on Erin Pizzey's latest AVFM article
  127. Robert Franklin, Esq. slams Huffpo article that blames Fathers for single Motherhood
  128. Senator Patrick Brazeau charged with sexual assault
  129. #INeedMasculismBecause
  130. (news) Divorce rate doubles when wife drinks more than husband
  131. Found this Gem.
  132. Crazy lady tries self defense in Mormon murder case
  133. Taking issue with observable forms of misandry?
  134. firefighters are sexist????
  135. Lone parents are less effective
  136. "Respect" isn't black and white
  137. Men as daycare workers
  138. VAWA is back... sort of... maybe...
  139. Senate renews Violence Against Women Act
  140. Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murder
  141. Has Jodi Arias started a new trend? The newest "reason" to murder men
  142. Jehovah
  143. disturbing story with added misandry
  144. Baby birth shock for soldier on Afghanistan deployment
  145. Stripping, cybersex and blackmail, oh my!
  146. Recently released Pedophile back in jail
  147. Retrial for Vicky Price
  148. China's 'leftover women'
  149. Assault, battery, robbery: Three women get probation
  150. Woman leaves 5-day old child in Taxi
  151. 11 Signs You Might Be An MRA
  152. Rape and sexual assault are prevalent, rapists aren't punished, and...
  153. Still think one "CAN" trust women? Standard infantile behaviour CAN destroy lives
  154. Access to contraception is a universal human right
  155. This guy has got it going on.
  156. (News) Two women arrested for taping up teen before pouring hot sauce in eyes
  157. Interestingly Pro Male Article In Daily Mail (UK)
  158. Gillette Misandric Ad
  159. China experiments with all boy classes
  160. Jodi Arias
  161. (News) Woman jailed for falsely claiming rape has history of lying to police
  162. finally taken 'seriously'
  163. Mixed sports: Only men can get it wrong
  164. Everyday Sexism
  165. False rape accusation caught on tape!
  166. Darn Baby Boys!!
  167. Feminist A+ bigotry in action...
  168. (news) Indonesian mum killed son, 9, over his 'small penis'
  169. UCSC Rape was Fake, Police Say
  170. Girl, 14, guilty of football row manslaughter
  171. PLEASE, at least offer words of support to this girl!!!
  172. Murder suspect Crystal Mangum released from Durham County jail Read more here: http:
  173. {News Stories} - Female Violence
  174. {News Stories} - False DV Allegation
  175. {News Stories} - Female Rapists and Sexual Offenders
  176. {News Stories} - False Sexual Abuse/Rape Allegation
  177. {News Stories} - Abusive/Dangerous Mothers
  178. {News Stories} - Pussy Pass
  179. {News Stories} - War Against Boys
  180. Kia thinks this is funny, do you?
  181. Banning Pornography
  182. Paternity Fraud:Should DNA Tests Be Mandatory? Internet Poll 4 Legislative change
  183. Ex-boyfriend accuses tennis star Capriati of punching, stalking him
  184. (News) Sanele Masilela, 8, marries woman, 61, in South Africa
  185. Horrible, horrible commentary on female prisoners on C4 news (UK)
  186. The Commonwealth Charter
  187. Why we have too few women leaders?
  188. (news) reports female-only floors needed in hotels
  189. Terrible attitude encased in at least some good publicity
  190. $4.7 million grant to male birth control research
  191. Every facet of Rape on a single day
  192. (news) Millionaire's wife Elizabeth Petrakis gets judge to annul pre-nup
  193. The (un)tragic tale of an accused Schr
  194. Non-Terrible Mainstream Article About Female Domestic Violence
  195. Rape joke in Mass Effect 3 ?
  196. Sweet F.A. - what Men are entitled to, in Spain
  197. Korean Overexposure Law Actually Targets Women?
  198. feminists want to stay home and raise their families.
  199. National Geographic "wake-up call"
  200. Dove misandry
  201. How do I raise my boy not to be a rapist? - ON CNN.
  202. A Joke About Dongles....
  203. Pussy Pass - Engage
  204. More radical feminism **A call to arms**
  205. WTF!? Facebook Status
  206. Jodi Arias Trial; 'Battered Women's Defense Advocate Testifies!
  207. UK GCSE changes - may advantage boys - female union leader slanders boys in response
  208. Woman Parties After Giving Birth in Bar
  209. Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys' falling grades, study finds
  210. Dramatic Reading: Adria Richards' Donglegate Blog Post
  211. avoiceformen.com mentioned in the Daily Cal.
  212. I just came across this beauty. Women should not be sent to prison. WTF?
  213. here's a fucking doozy
  214. Criminal female drunk driver elicits fandom because of "good looks"
  215. Two more babies stricken with herpes after Jewish genital mutilation ritual
  216. Canadian Scientists Under Gag Order
  217. German Men Risk Their Careers to Speak Out Against Affirmative Action
  218. No due process for college rape trials? Obama policy has educators crying foul
  219. FEMEN strikes again!
  220. Female school counselor arrested for sodomizing 13-year-old student
  221. Parenting in the age of misandry
  222. Canadian teen kills herself ... Hundreds demand someone be held accountable
  223. Woman sues over "gender segregation" in a workplace that has no gender segregation
  224. upworthy went off the cliff
  225. sociopathic mass murderers are all white men!
  226. Battered Women's Shelter Evicts Residents Due To Violent Behavior
  227. article attacking intactivists
  228. Men's Rights Movement Sees Resurgence Among Millennial Males
  229. The War On Men Is Working
  230. a snapshot of modern society or just a unique case?
  231. US woman cuts off husband's penis to stop him 'hurting' her
  232. False rape accusation leads to murder
  233. How are these NOT considered hate sites?
  234. More false rape
  235. Good things springing all over town.
  236. Tyler Perry's Misandric Films!
  237. did 90% of Americans really support these gun control laws?"
  238. Advice for men from a self-crowned fuckhead.
  239. Planet Fitness is a sexist gym derogatory toward men
  240. Our Dannyboy is making a splash.
  241. New Male Studies Journal: Vol 1 No 3
  242. Congrats to AVFM.
  243. Misandric Music Thread
  244. Radfem 2013: Cathy Brennan Stands Her Ground
  245. Achieving educational gender equity?
  246. Another article about how violent MRA's are.
  247. Should paternity tests be compulsory - The results so far.
  248. BATGIRL fights for Fathers' rights !!!
  249. 20 states looking to reform alimony laws