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  1. The Great Debate - The Rules - NOTES
  2. The Great Debate - The Topic - Edition I - NOTES
  3. The Great Debate - Edition I - Victor.Zen vs Malcom
  4. Debate Tent Resources for Great Justice
  5. The Great Debate - Second Edition - Announcments Registrations
  6. Debate II - MrScruffles vs Lucian Valsan
  7. Debate III Registration and Topic
  8. Humor Adam vs. Typical Radfem
  9. Return of the Radfem
  10. Reproductive Rights FOR ALL
  11. the phelps family and the hate church.
  12. Where Does It End?
  13. Are there two kinds of feminism?
  14. My problem with ''anti-M.R.A.'s''
  15. Betaphobia
  16. Feminism, Homosexuality & Race
  17. A case for/against Anti-Feminism in the M.R.M.
  18. Now every morning, there is no more mourning.
  19. A true look at a feminist who hungers for political power
  20. DEVIL'S ADVOCACY: Refuting the existence of a matriarchy
  21. Trigger warnings VS Exposure Therapy
  22. IOTTH - the ultimate excuse
  23. A serious question not meant to offend, but Why do democrat's love feminism?
  24. An email exchange about Karen Straughan's video on Male Disposability
  25. Sakineh
  26. Me vs. ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
  27. A response to Paul Elam’s Seven bricks in the misandric wall
  28. Is the desire to protect women and children real or a myth? "The Disposable Male"
  29. "MRA" - Semantics
  30. Recent "Debate" on Facebook.
  31. promoting gender equality
  32. Discrimination against Jews, seriously?
  33. Rape Kits Vs Feminism
  34. who needs women anyway?
  35. Orange is the New Black as a framework for debate of gender issues
  36. Has Feminism taken the place of morality, especially regarding women?
  37. I've seen the future...
  38. Why don't more men flee the country during nasty divorces?
  39. Marriage & Children
  40. Even if feminist were half-right, they would STILL be obsolete, wouldn't they?
  41. Is the MHRM automatically on the right and Feminism on the left?
  42. Help Needed! Have your say on the important issue of the Physical Discipline of child
  43. How long before we see a change in the political climate?
  44. Refugee camps...
  45. Is abolishment of no-fault divorce favorable for goal of men having a choice?
  46. Legal Bias?
  47. Are misandry/misoginy 'innate' to people or are they taught?
  48. Reproductive Rights. Does Balance is Possible?
  49. Having the last word
  50. Thoughts on a feminist article
  51. Understanding Feminist Thought Through A Strange Lens [Not sure what to title this]
  52. Is this a feminist website?
  53. Two Kinds Of People
  54. MRM Battlegrounds...And what unites us?
  55. Against Women's Suffrage
  56. Feminizm is a CIA plot? What say you?
  57. Are women generally not equipped with the same leadership skills as men?
  58. Get Real, Islam or Orthodox Judaism
  59. Is it ever okay to hit a woman?
  60. The enemy of my enemy is my friend
  61. Do financially unstable single mothers do a better job than foster care and adoption?
  62. Feminism is female supremacism?
  63. Aborting a boy
  64. The Last Belgian Mohican
  65. Devil's Advocacy: Women's Issues
  66. Men's Rights, Status Equality, Sexuality
  67. Accusatory inversion
  68. Friendship: The Highest Form of Relationship
  69. A Modest Proposal - Abortion Rights for Women and Men
  70. What's the consensus re:age of consent and rape?
  71. Feminism coopting MRA
  72. Why women keep clinging to feminism
  73. Devil's advocacy:Was Feminism necesarry?
  74. Give us a break
  75. Gay Marriage, the Bible, Transgender, and God. Thoughts?
  76. Debating psychotic bitches
  77. MODEST PROPOSAL - MHRM / MRA Adopt the YIN-YANG Symbol as a Sign of Unity
  78. inevitable?
  79. Who has more power in society, men or women?
  80. Are you a FUCK-ER or a FUCK-EE ???
  81. question for the western canadians
  82. Help with references
  83. “I would never confess to something I didn’t do!” and I paid for it dearly.
  84. The religious and traditionalists as worse than the Feminists
  85. A Critique of Paul Elam's Naming and Shaming in regard to MGM
  86. Doing Something vs Doxing
  87. Higher Performance v Higher Maintenance
  88. My Letter to Dr Farrell - White House Council for Men and Boys
  89. THE WAGER GAP - looking for the actual study that
  90. JudgyBitch - Do MRAs really care about legal rights for men?
  91. Teach women not to hit men.
  92. Critique of the notion of drunk sex being "rape" in regards Roosh being a 'rapist'
  93. So WHO Was Really Getting Raped Here??
  94. Leftist rewriting of history, chapter one: Slavery
  95. In Defense of Feminism
  96. Looking for a particular false rape case
  97. Talk about "spin".
  98. A typical lay-feminist spouting the No-True-Scotsman
  99. Visiting the Mennonites
  100. 15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom - Rebutted!
  101. feminist brainwashing on campus
  102. Religion ...!
  103. Feminist Edjoocashun
  104. need to trace this false rape allegation - Netherlands
  105. Marie Curie, a token female inovator
  106. Revenge Porn
  107. Articles and videos that don't allow comments are unworthy of our attention
  108. Freemasons, one of the oldest male club, and perhaps the last
  109. Did forums take a wrong turn
  110. Antiphysical: Why men are giving up sex & Relationships?
  111. Are All Feminists REALLY Like That ???
  112. The Real Sexism Project
  113. RAPE HYSTERIA -- MEN - Use These Tips To Keep Yourself Safe
  114. How Feminist and Liberal Women Have Ruined Marriage for Men and Our Society
  115. The WAR on MEN
  116. Remove The Male
  117. The BULLSHIT Is Strong With This One -- End of Men's Institutions
  118. Five Ways Feminism Has Made Women Miserable
  119. The Feminine Imperative - Mansplaining
  120. Tribes (Male Spaces == Hate & Misogyny)
  121. What is Feminism?
  122. ‘Beta Males’ Want To Kill Women Because They Can’t Get Laid
  123. The Feminist War On College Men Must End
  124. False Rape Timeline augmented
  125. A Different Take on the Wage Gap - What Do You Think?
  126. America’s lost boys
  127. Why Is Discussion of Boys and Men Opposed?
  128. 6 Reasons Women Leave Their Marriages, According To Marriage Therapists
  129. Difference Between Optimist, Pessimist, and Feminist
  130. LEGAL QUESTIONS HELP !! -- Title IX / Public Forum / US Constitution
  131. 50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women
  132. Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births?
  133. Do you think there needs to be a world policeman
  134. rape trauma syndrome debunked
  135. OWS vs TEA Party
  136. Some Real Cunt-ism: Is the male pill good for women?
  137. ShoeOnHead: men are wimps
  138. Fascinating Video: Feminism is Complete Bullshit
  139. Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash
  140. My Request to President Trump (GreatAgain.Gov)
  141. HoneyBadgerRadio - Karen and Alison | Two Turkeys Talk Trump (HBR 78)
  142. Women Against Men
  143. Benevolent Sexism
  144. What Do You Think Will Happen If Hillary Is Elected?
  145. *FUCKING HILARITY* !!! SJW Feminist Fail Compilation - Triggered Edition
  146. Ray's Pest Control - Get Results
  147. Bill Burr on MGTOW, false rape accusations, gynocentrism, divorce laws, male success,
  148. Exchange vs Use Value
  149. Don't Hire Women - MGTOW
  150. Women Lie and Make False Rape Accusations
  151. She knows Why Youre Not Married Yet
  152. Women Make 'Em Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay....
  153. Court orders sperm donor to pay child support
  154. Psychologist: Society Experiencing a 'Devaluation of Masculinity'
  155. Suicide Humor
  156. Situation Ethics - What Do You Think About This Video??
  157. Shut Down Sperm Banks
  158. EXCELLENT VIDEO - Milo VS Emma Watson
  159. Dear Feminists, Stop Telling Me I’m Not Equal
  160. Male Privilege - It's Got to Be Around Here Somewhere...
  161. A Tale of Two Photos at the Women's March
  162. Some Things Just Don't Need Any Further Comment
  163. The OTHER Gender Gap Which Nobody Ever Talks About...
  164. Anti-rape underwear: good idea or bad?
  165. 20 Questions for Muslims
  166. A Modest Proposal - Send Feminists and SJW's to Middle Eastern Countries
  167. Alt-Right
  168. College Professor EXPOSES Women's March on Washington: Feminism is Cancer to Western
  169. Interesting Video - The truth about feminism and Islam
  170. How research is used to promote male hatred
  171. Herbert Purdy, 'Feminism: Their Angry Creed'
  172. Is feminism vital to the Arab world?
  173. (Excellent!) Honey Badger Classic 2: How Blaming Men is Loving Men
  174. The Failures of Mainstream Feminism
  175. Do Women Deserve Child Support Due to Burden of Pregnancy/Child Birth?
  176. Women Declare Victory Over Men
  177. Good video with Karen Straughan and Stefan Molyneux
  178. Memo to Our Sons and Grandsons: The Future Is Female
  179. WHY FEMINISM IS BAD FOR FEMINISM - Empowerment by Victimization
  180. Toxic Femininity — A Male Perspective
  181. Men: The Inferior Gender
  182. Chinese Advertiser - Apparently Limited Understanding of Holidays...
  183. The feminine mistake: When you shouldn’t call yourself a feminist
  184. Equal Opportunity Hatred in Public Spaces
  185. An interesting comment found on Facebook
  186. Please Don’t Threaten My Son For Dating Your Daughter
  187. What If Trump And Hillary Swapped Genders? Reenactment Of Debates With Genders Switch
  188. Happy Woman's Day from all the Feminists to You!
  189. Good Honey Badger Radio discussion about Feminist slander
  190. HoneyBadgerRadio: Brilliant! - No Love For the Involuntary Celibate?
  191. Interesting Comment from HoneyBadger Channel Comments
  192. Janice Fiamengo : What If Men Are Smarter - TFF Episode 56
  193. What do you think of this Judge Judy episode?
  194. Feminism - Civil War Between Women - Men Completely Disregarded
  195. Sexual harassment? We used to call that 'welcome attention' from men, says Fay Weldon
  196. I Want Men To Be Men
  197. The Gender Gap and Sexism In The Justice System In The UK
  198. Has Feminism Gone Too Far? | SJW Owned | SJW vs LOGIC
  199. Question to Trump supporters about Syria bombing...
  200. Wage gap, pay gap, earnings gap - how do you get through?
  201. Dear YouTube
  202. For FB, Manalysis and Everybody Else...
  203. Women Are Not Here For You. You Do Not Own Us.
  204. An ironic Wage Gap thought experiment that greatly amuses me
  205. Deidre - The Indentured Servants of the Divine Vagina
  206. Barbara Kay - No Consequences for Women who "Stealth" Men
  207. MEN'S RIGHTS - A New Way to Fight the System
  208. Tennessee is First State to Ban BLM and Antifa on Campuses
  209. Coward on Facebook - Male Feminist Removes His Hateful Post
  210. Feminist Hate - The Redstocking Manifesto
  211. The 'White Feather Girls': women's militarism in the UK
  212. Why Men's Rights Are Necessary
  213. More than an orgasm
  214. Agree or Disagree: "Feminism is harmful to women"
  215. Beat the dead horse... A shelters "About Domestic Violence" page.
  216. Female sex drive
  217. Video: Men Are Now Refusing To Speak To Women
  218. Video: Karen Straughan: Some bits from my appearance on "Outsiders"
  219. Video: Karen Straughan – Toxic Masculinity & TOXIC FEMININITY
  220. Jordan Peterson: Agreeableness as Predictor of Grades
  221. Hannah Wallen: Rape, a dish with no turnips
  222. Urban Dictionary: Vote for Your Favorite Definitions
  223. (Old Article) Women like women more than men like men
  224. What Feminists Really Believe
  225. I Need Feminism Because...
  226. Women in rock
  228. Torture (the real kind)
  229. A Feminist Reviews The Red Pill Movie
  230. 7 Truths Feminists Must Accept About Male Suicide
  231. Excellent video about Men's Rights and Abortion
  232. Science Has Consistently Underestimated Women Because Scientists Are Sexist
  233. Feminist Emmeline Pankhurst Brags About Blowing Up Home in 1913
  234. Stop calling housework unpaid labour
  235. Why Are So Many Female Teachers Sleeping With Students?
  236. US - UK - Differences in Circumcision Information
  237. No Woman, No Crime. Israeli men legally harassed by women
  238. Bryan Scandrett - The purpose of the MRM
  239. A list of feminist resources tackling men's issues [x-post]
  240. 34 Men Discuss Society’s Insane Double Standards That Favor Women And Hurt Men
  241. 23 Gender-Based Double Standards That Are Extremely Unfair To Men (As Told By 23 Men)
  242. 39 Things Women Will Just NEVER Understand About Being A Man
  243. 44 Men Reveal Why They Think Life Sucks When You’re A Man
  244. The 3 Big Female Double Standards That Dwarf Slut-Shaming
  245. 35% of Wrongful Convictions Were for Sex Offenses.
  246. Planet Feminism vs Male Suicide
  247. Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless. (Manhood)
  248. Why the male orgasm is not as simple as everyone tries to tell you.
  249. The female sexual predator
  250. Video: Men and Abortion - exposing the underbelly of feminism