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  1. Epistemology - What are our limits?
  2. Some suggestions
  3. Equality Dilema
  4. Can logic dictate human behavior? Should it?
  5. Make the political personal
  6. What the fuck is "equality"?
  7. Equality in freethought?
  8. Liberty and Equality
  9. Self-Interest and Briffault's Law
  10. Gauss' "Declaration of Independence"
  11. Is a woman a woman because ...
  12. Taking care of children? So easy, a child can do it.
  13. Alpha males vs Beta males
  14. Is math the "language of the universe"?
  15. Radical Feminist or Activist?
  16. The Golden Rule
  17. Women are automatons too...
  18. There is only one thing you have to do to gain your freedom
  19. Male Bill of Rights [DRAFT]
  20. Black women & single motherhood
  21. Seem to me Jesus was supportive of both MGTOW and Gays
  22. Non-Traditional Families As A Way To Combat Economic Collapse
  23. Why society fears men's groups
  24. Fathers and Attachment Theory
  25. Gender and Child Abuse in the News
  26. It's Just a theory
  27. Random Food for Thought
  28. Metaphysics - What is reality?
  29. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
  30. Suffering Leads to Empathy?
  31. Anyone looked into Epicureanism?
  32. The Alluring Honeypot Trap that is Hypergamy
  33. In defence of a misogynist
  34. For Those Interested in The Profession of Philosophy
  35. Uriah Heep -- male feminist?
  36. Feminist
  37. Counter Theory
  38. I Believe in Enlightenment: My Definitions of Meditative States
  39. prophetic quote from Nietzche 1878
  40. How to: Have your cake and eat it too (in Criminal Court)
  41. Brave New World Becomes Defeatism
  42. Great video describing how Feminism is destroying society
  43. Questions About Feminism
  44. How are Trans folks perceived in the MRM?
  45. The Truth About Feminism
  46. Red Pill & Religion
  47. Political Correctness And Nonconformity
  48. On Censorship and Progress in a Losing War Against Academic Feminism: A Notion
  49. Telling women to 'Smile' - how can this compute with Feminist theory?
  50. a question of ethics
  51. Persuading people...
  52. Elder Manginas
  53. Man am I furious
  54. Debatable Issue: MGTOW makes more sense then MRA
  55. New Nic Name for the Feminists: The Bolshevicki's
  56. The Anandamaya Kosha (Meditation-related Youtube ramblings)
  57. The Question of Bees
  58. What do you think of that on the fourth of July?
  59. Feminism in the church
  60. Comparing feminism to racism.
  61. The Ethical Model Behind Feminist Tactics
  62. ¿Is Feminism just Chauvinism by another name?‏
  63. Dealing with Media
  64. ¿do we live in a segregated society?
  65. Definitions of Labels
  66. Hmm..more pro choice double standards.
  67. False Dichotomies of Gender Politics
  68. Sometimes the most ridiculous theories might be closes to the truth!
  69. The Gaian superorganism multiplex ..... hehe
  70. Links to Infrakshun's article series entitled "Feminism or Infiltration?" parts I - V
  71. ''The real phobia''
  72. ''Anti-Feminist Feminism''
  73. Alfie Kohn The Case Against Competition
  74. is the MRM inherantly anti-military?
  75. Does the MRM have an inborne politic?
  76. Humanism and how much philosophy do I *really* need to understand?
  77. Why feminism does not work, period, in simple english.
  78. The Animal Origins of Human Sexuality
  79. What is a Feminist??
  80. more freedom means more responsibility
  81. If we had left civilization to women
  82. The First Christians were not Bible Christians
  83. MGTOW and Religion
  84. The Nine Noble Virtues
  85. Bundy says pornography is without the exception the primary obsession of every serial
  86. What are the "war aims" of the MRM, what will victory look like?
  87. talk to me about Alpha-Beta and Type-A, Type-B, Type-D, ect
  88. COW indeed...
  89. The Banality of Evil
  90. What is the difference between feminists and women in general?
  91. i'm a bit of a philosophy geek, has anyone read S. Molyneux's UPB book?
  92. A Response to "Check Your Privilege?"
  93. the semiotics of feminism and it's solipsistic hall of mirrors
  94. Just one small victory for men!
  95. Instinctual gender differences
  96. philosophy based memes
  97. Nietzsche's concept of Ressentiment
  98. Personal and political
  99. Illimitable Men Website
  100. Accusatory inversion
  101. What is 1 AD Christianity?
  102. Altruism and MHRA
  103. Will feminism be the downfall of the country?
  104. There's only one feminism
  105. Raped? Get over it already.
  106. There's only one feminism II - The Sodom Defense
  107. Trivia: "The personal is political" Gender Remix
  108. Internet is an echo chamber for smart people
  109. Obedience for protection
  110. Nail soup
  111. A Black and White Issue
  112. Where did the idea of "the Game" came from
  113. Slow hard climb, sharp swift fall
  114. Obedience For Protection II: Believeing the victim = State backed proxy violence
  115. i think i've finally got the bare bones of my phd philosophy thesis mo'fo's!
  116. Deep Background - The Creation of Patriarchy
  117. "Man-" whatever - we should own it
  118. Ladies' Journal Science supports Maxx
  119. I hereby claim PhCOW as the forum also for Academic stuff
  120. Is Feminism a religion?
  121. Internet economies
  122. Interesting video i just watched
  123. How the Men's Rights Movement should interact with Feminism
  124. Atheism
  125. very funny
  126. The elephant in the room that everyone misses (on purpose?)
  127. for my phd thesis
  128. The MGTOW view on marriage
  129. ''No Blacks'' is not a sexual preference - It's racism
  130. Political Ideology - DESTROYED
  131. ¿What can we do against Feminist thought? Some ideas...
  132. Who Are "THEY" ??? Who Runs the World?
  133. Men are not as expendable as you may think
  134. Hegemonic Masculinity
  135. Well Done Feminism. Now Men Are Afraid to Help Women At Work
  136. Do you go to or belong to a church?
  137. "Staying at home is a privilege" (Feminism in different countries)
  138. Too Bad Emma Sulkowicz Didn't Take STEM Classes
  139. Progressive media
  140. Spiral Logic
  141. Feminists and Traditionalists both thrive with the myth of misogyny
  142. This girl does not need Feminism to succeed.. and she did it against all odds!
  143. Feminists need to pick a narrative
  144. Thoughts about regulated prostitution
  145. Honesty and Manhood
  146. women-owned micro-enterprises
  147. Armageddon
  148. The Triumph of Stupidity
  149. complete breakdown of Hegel's phenomenology of spirit by Dr G.P Sadler
  150. similarities between mainstream Islam and extreme Feminism
  151. The Pros and Cons of Feminism
  152. Is it possible to ''understand'' terrorism?
  153. He said/ She said
  154. How to appear tolerant while not taking any risks
  155. Oswald Spengler - The decline of the west
  156. Karen deCrow, The Feminist Leader Who Became a Men's-Rights Activist
  157. Virtues & Philosophies For Success
  158. Camille Paglia & Christina Sommers: Gender Feminism vs Equality Feminism
  159. The fascinating views of Wendy McElroy, the I-Feminist
  160. “This is the best day of my life: apple!”
  161. How good feminists could defeat bad feminists?
  162. What went inside the head of a feminist (now former)
  163. Is MRM misogynistic?
  164. The Everyday Unbeliever
  165. Deep African Proverb
  166. Pseudo-Theism...
  167. Does this sound arrogant or am I?
  168. Break Free From Your Scale
  169. What's stopping Women from Going Topless?
  170. Excellent essay from Illimitiblemen.
  171. The "There's No Perfect Victim" Hypocrisy
  172. What men know that women don't
  173. Is SJW movement a bastard child of Occupy
  174. Rabid feminists have proved the dictionary right
  175. Question For Catholics and Muslims...
  176. 25 Rules For Raising Feminist Boys
  177. Men's Rights Movement Misunderstands Feminism
  178. When common senses finally defeated Feminism.. what things would change
  179. Asking For It
  180. It's not racism... it's race-based misandry
  181. Feminism makes men's hard life even harder
  182. The four predictably basic moves of men's rights activists
  183. Sometimes Yes means NO.
  184. ¿American two party systems to blame?
  185. Surprise! A comment section where Feminist myths debunked by a feminist!
  186. Equity Feminism is not about men issues but about men using
  187. Feminism is predictable
  188. Run The World (Girls)
  189. Every Man In Village Executed. Where are Feminists Demanding Equality?
  190. MHRA and women hating
  191. #31Days
  192. Feminists against Feminism
  193. Hannah Wallen about feminism and Men Hating
  194. Is institution of marriage invalidated by divorce
  195. Whether or not we should see most Anti-Feminists as our allies
  196. Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality
  197. I wonder what more has been left untranslated for centuries??
  198. the ideological lense
  199. Stop trying to be like Arabs, the Sultan of Johor tells Malays
  200. PUA claims to be Feminist?
  201. Gynocentrism ironically sees men as "the default"
  202. Ridiculous apport of feminism to Thecnology
  203. If You Want Men To Be Feminists, Stop Saying These 5 Things To Them
  204. From your moral view point, what's the biggest challenge facing the world today?
  205. Welcome Inter-sectional feminism!
  206. Women’s rights equally deserving
  207. School dress codes enforce rape culture
  208. Will "sexual reassignment therapy" one day be seen the same way we see lobotomy now?
  209. "Social Slavery" (satire) [Men's Rights Theory counter-theory to Feminist theory]
  210. Use sexism to raise awareness rather than using feminism as lobbying group to get peo
  211. Pasta Be Upon Him...
  212. What can I say, other than LOL!!!
  213. To fight ‘oppression’ campus posters tell Christian students to check their privilege
  214. Philosophy Humor
  215. Why White Feminism Isn’t Really Feminism
  216. Feds Spend $548,459 Studying Male Students’ ‘Microaggressions’ Towards Women
  217. Anatomy of Generations (Humor)
  218. I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
  219. The Prostitute Transactionary Nature Of Females.
  220. True Islam teaches gender equity, empowerment of women
  221. Pakistan needs inclusive feminism
  222. How To Argue The Wage Gap Exists: 7 Arguments You'll Hear, And Exactly How To Respond
  223. The Party & Women’s Liberation
  224. A Voice For Purple Penguins
  225. Ain't Your Mama
  226. When or Where was it ever Legal to Beat One's Wife?
  227. Women who enjoy being abused
  228. Feminism and the friendzone
  229. Feminism says women are smaller than men because Male Privileges
  230. The New Language of Protest
  231. #ReclaimTheInternet
  232. Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes' net worth is now $0
  233. The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct
  234. Philosophy of a Sheepdog...Who here IS a sheepdog.
  235. Patriarchy is real
  236. With a Wave of Your Hand...
  237. For Those Who Have Humor (Not For the Humorously-Challenged!)
  238. marriage can never be feminist
  239. Malka Red’s ‘Boy Booty’ Is the Feminist Summer Anthem of 2016
  240. Brainwashing, feminism and men
  241. Why, exactly, is it OK to discriminate against men’s groups on campus?
  242. Six Reasons Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage, with Helen Smith
  243. Mraturday: Men’s rights activists say the kkk weren’t villains
  244. **WARNING** - There is a Move Afoot to "Feminize" The Internet
  245. Beware of ‘trans movement’ as patriarchy in disguise
  246. Why Is Marriage Thriving Among (and Only Among) the Affluent?
  247. the anti-feminist conspiracy
  248. Question for men - support for male birth control
  249. TransAmerica: New Student Athlete Controversy
  250. Congress Balks On Female Draft Vote