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  1. Leviathan's Library. MHRM literature. [Please help expanding it!]
  2. The MHRA Journal Article Catalog
  3. Know thy enemy: Feminist/Misandric Literature.
  4. Government Funding for Activism in the USA
  5. Matrilineality
  6. East of Eden - Steinbeck's Magnum Opus on Female Evil...
  7. New Book: Feminism Is Sexism
  8. Free Science Books.
  9. Video game programming
  10. Rick Johnson - That's My Son - Christianity - Family
  11. Being Brenda
  12. The Female Psychosis by Kyojiro Kagenuma
  13. MRA / MGTOW Android app
  14. WikiMANNia: Call for help -- defeat feminist censorship!
  15. A compilation of useful sources for MRAs. Arm yourself!!
  16. Link to article about rape research
  17. Child Support State of Mind
  18. Raising a Child of Divorce: Honoring Both Parents
  19. The Viper's Nest
  20. The predatory female, an online book …
  21. Storytime
  22. The Myth of Sole Custody
  23. Is mandatory father's custody logical?
  24. Laird Wilcox and hate hoaxing
  25. Michael Levin: Feminism and Freedom (1996) Online Book
  26. Issues With Police Data Bases: CPIC in Canada
  27. Hidden messages in books
  28. What are you reading?
  29. Toolbox - Strategies and efficient actions to survive and win
  30. Looking for old, proven false rape cases
  31. The Unknown History of MISANDRY...
  32. ManWomanMyth
  33. Anatomy of Female Power
  34. Fundraising for MRA Universe to build its own website & studio
  35. The International False Rape Timeline
  36. The World of Men - Men's Rights / MGTOW / Sites of Interest to Men
  37. Ethan of Athos
  38. Need you help here !
  39. The Coddling of the American Mind
  40. Men are victims of domestic violence more often than you think
  41. New Anti-feminist novel, The Macabre Dance
  42. MGTOW Author here!
  43. Four free eBooks! April 27th-28th!
  44. Feminist Lie- Excellent resource manual for debating feminists
  45. Hate Hoaxes
  46. You Want to Get Married? - by Kronk
  47. Hate Crime Hoaxes In Britain - corrected url