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  1. Misandry in the Media Series (15 parts as of 25th September)
  2. My video contribution
  3. Facebook manager/s needed.
  4. Some Music for music for here
  5. Petition to Impeach Judge Lori B. Jackson
  6. Misandry in Education, Part 1 - Duke University. With Matrix reference :D
  7. Funny
  8. MRA group @ experience project
  9. Here's a good'un
  10. Organic dissolution of traditionalism, and small govt. platitudes
  11. Links
  12. Pay Gap & Workplace discrimination Playlist
  13. RAPE playlist.
  14. Male Achievement.
  15. Feminism playlist.
  16. VAWAhorrors' Playlist
  17. Man, Woman & Myth
  18. Well 'ard
  19. The Difference Between Men and Women
  20. Plans for a non-academic study on major dating websites
  21. Men's rights Edmonton Vlog #3
  22. OnTheOtherFoot project
  23. Vention4WH
  24. coughlan000 video
  25. TheIgnoredGender's thoughts on marriage and romance
  26. Are You a Feminist?
  27. A different approach to all men are potential rapists
  28. You Tube Channel Directory: Let the Choir Sing
  29. How to pick up women at the gym
  30. A reminder to a classic
  31. Men's Rights Edmonton Vlog #4
  32. Debate: Is feminism Sexist?
  33. White Rabbit -- MRA Interpretation (Fun)
  34. Five Flawed Feminist Frustrations
  35. Men's Rights Edmonton Vlog #5
  36. Obama's report card on men
  37. More Burr
  38. Typhonblue is a genius...
  39. Brainwash
  40. Aussie Radical Feminists
  41. Andy Man on the White Feather.
  42. More entitlement training...
  43. Let's Play Fembot Bingo!
  44. Classic Gloira Steinem smake down by Melissa Harris Perry
  45. The Empty Criticism of the Men's Rights Movement
  46. MRALondon Protest at Pankhurst Statue
  47. Fire"fighters" -who takes the risk?
  48. Women against feminism
  49. Men's Rights Edmonton Vlog #6
  50. Woman Runs Over Man For Not Voting Gets Light Charges
  51. Urgent: On Dec 3rd White Ribbon Campaign launch 'be.a.man' campaign
  52. Equality Canada looking for Volunteers Toronto Area..
  53. Woman Kills Baby "says he was the Devil!
  54. New Germaine Greer video - Equalilty is not enough
  55. How mothers keep fathers out of their kids lives!
  56. Chinese feminism
  57. Female Pedophiles - The BIG List (Documentary) - A must see!!
  58. Warren Farrell Speaks in Toronto: Transforming the Boys Crisis
  59. Had an idea for a new Youtube Channel if anyone out there is interested
  60. Don't be THAT girl
  61. a nice video explaining feminism
  62. Woman runs over Ex-BF mom then text him "How's Life LOL"
  63. Men's Rights Edmonton Vlog #7
  64. Men's Rights Library
  65. Hate speech on Facebook
  66. Foundation/NGO project
  67. another type of web activism.
  68. Father fights for his daughter after ex-wife unlawfully gave daughter up for adoption
  69. A different perspective on U of T
  70. Women demand black female Supreme Court Justice!
  71. The Feminist Privilege
  72. Feminism in three minutes
  73. Men's rights videos from India
  74. Kate Harding - Fuck You
  75. Females Are Well Adjusted & Trustworthy With Your Life?
  76. Chapins Inferno has a new guest host...
  77. Men's Rights Edmonton Vlog #8
  78. Twitter Offensive
  79. CAFE needs you to follow on Twitter
  80. So there I was....
  81. Here we go again
  82. Mission MRM
  83. new idea :D
  84. Rewind: Tyra Banks Abusive Women Show
  85. The MRM rejects illegal activism as a concept and a practice.
  86. Large debate thread on Neogaf froma while back
  87. Roland Martin takes down a Feminist!
  88. A father's love for his child in music - Joaquin Rodrigo
  89. hilarous vid
  90. Misandric pants (trolled by feminists)
  91. The latest from Manwomanmyth
  92. Womena re goldiggers, truth in comedy
  93. Important: Direct evidence that Feminists hate facts.
  94. Very Good Advice for Arguing Online
  95. Would love Feedback - unofficial AVfM ad style thing
  96. MRA Style Comedic Song?
  97. Obama signs bill 'in secret' making FREE SPEECH ILLEGAL!
  98. Old Anti-vesectomy video
  99. 'Andy Man' (MRALondon.org) new vid: 'Who taught you to hate yourself?'
  100. Sharon Osborne hawking Atkins
  101. The Hatred of Women - Laudanum Byron / Slumberwall
  102. War Against Boys
  103. Critical Thinking Athiests? Naaaaw!
  104. Feminism can suck a hill of dicks (and vaginae).
  105. Motivational & Thank You Video to MRA's
  106. Bill Maher vs feminism
  107. Men portrayed in a positive light in advertising
  108. Amazing talk by an amazing woman, very relevant.
  109. iceland - Men's site: http://forrettindafeminismi.com
  110. Coming out of the Woodwork
  111. My YT videos
  112. Grant equal protection to males under age 18 by banning circumcision
  113. Painful troof...
  114. Concept Art - Project AVFMS (A Voice for Male Students)
  115. From Women's Rights, To Feminist Wrongs ~ By Barbara Kay
  116. Dr. Miles Groth - What's a Man to do?
  117. Feminists are stupid
  118. Men's Rights: Mandatory Paternity Test?
  119. Fathers Rights Advocate's
  120. Objectification
  121. Ole Bill's comin' around.. Could become the most prominent MRA if he keeps it up
  122. Documentary Black Fatherhood Project
  123. Boys Are Guilty Even When Innocent
  124. MEN FTSU
  125. Some women understand
  126. Two Ronnies - The Worm That Turned
  127. Typhonblue is back in action!
  128. Demand Apple Ban Abusive iPhone App: The Boyfriend Trainer
  129. Brainwash, document that destroyed social scientists and gender researchers in Norway
  130. Mike Buchanan: Appearance before House of Commons inquiry 'Women in the Workplace'
  131. Dr. Stephen Baskerville: Marriage Does Not Exist - The Divorce Regime
  132. Is Democratic Underground a hate group? (let's see if we can get their attention)
  133. House of Commons inquiry into 'Women in the Workplace'
  134. Men's Issues Group Hosts Press Conference to Respond to Critics...
  135. "Let's blame the Jews" A man speaks up against anti-Semitism.
  136. He's baaack... Mykerumedia
  137. Ramzpaul audi commercial - rape culture
  138. An Open Letter to the American Humanist Association
  139. Nice reply to a drunk Mangina
  140. pussy pass ENGAGE!
  141. Manwomanmyth on war and male disposability
  142. Feminism is Society's Critical Mass ???
  143. The Lairy Bitch Project - North Of Ping Pong
  144. Did you know women suffer from prostate cancer too?
  145. Man gets penis cut off
  146. A success story on Mens Health...
  147. Listen to the words of this wise woman...
  148. Powerful False Rape vid from 6oodfella
  149. From Women's Rights to Feminist Wrongs: Society's Contemporary Contempt for Men
  150. Barbra Kay @ U of T
  151. TyphonBlue video on MHRM
  152. Mocking Schrodinger's Rapist
  153. I'll be a feminist when... - SparkyFister
  154. New voice: Gender Equality Grenade
  155. Ending the Sexism in STEM fields debate (what about all the rest; feminists?)
  156. She said it
  157. Men's Own Stories of Rape and False Accusations - Gender Equality Grenade
  158. Teachers Raping Boys.
  159. I thought this was somewhat interesting
  160. The biggest difference between Men and Women
  161. Damselling - Typhon Blue
  162. JudgyBitch on Rape Culture
  163. She Is back
  164. Pia Glenn gives men a good talking to
  165. Thunderfoot's Deconstruction of Anita Sarkeesian's Damsel Video
  166. Threat Narratives
  167. The Other Man is You
  168. Janice Fiamengo...
  169. "I had thoughts of killing him"
  170. You're wrong, not strong
  171. Looking for a Video
  172. Your Father's Murderer: A Letter to Zachary
  173. snakepliskinist on defining ideology by extremes
  174. Erin Pizzey, founder, Chiswick Women's Refuge, 1971
  175. TheCriticalG on donglegate and 'justified evil'
  176. Divorced because he's too nice
  177. FesME one of the most powerfull concepts I have seen in years MRA wise!
  178. Rule of Thumb. Beat your wife legally?
  179. Kennesaw State University Sticker Run
  180. Kickstarter to send girl to game design camp
  181. Vagina Nation Exposing Double Standards
  182. The Feminist Privilege
  183. Typhone Blue vis. fidelbogen.
  184. Woman tries to make sense of feminist BS in gaming
  185. How I respond to Facebook misandry
  186. e-Petition:Stop Domestic Abuse in Wales
  187. Goodbye to Good Men
  188. Adria Richards IS NOT the victim!!!!
  189. Social Media Fail.
  190. Interview - The Common Man & The East Texan (discrimination vs males in academia)
  191. Comedian Tears Apart Female Heckler
  192. Role Reversal!
  193. Warren Farrel hosts two hour call in show!
  194. Check this awesome new guy out!
  195. Richard Dawkins on Feminism invading science
  196. Paul Elam (of AVFM) interviewed on freedomainradio
  197. The Official Brian Banks Story Kickstarter Trailer
  198. Richard Dawkins Trashes Feminist "Philosopher"
  199. Meet the Female Pedophile 1:40:00 Documentary
  200. Free speech on Canadian Campuses being surpressed
  201. Post-secondary misandry
  202. Woman Wants Advice on how to SET UP a man with FAKE charges of rape
  203. They are coming... Under Siege in Toronto - From Misogyny & Misandry to Intersexual..
  204. dan perrins accused of terrorism
  205. Creationist or Feminist!
  206. Thunderfoot's "Why feminism is poisoning atheism" videos
  207. AmazingAtheist trashes redhead nutter
  208. Dating feminists: does NAFALT apply?
  209. Starting to make my own videos.
  210. Stephen Colbert - Quote mining, etc?
  211. The Snizz Iz the Biz
  212. Lend A Hand
  213. we should never stop talking about brian banks
  214. The Myth Of Male Power Interview with Warren Ferrell
  215. Shit happens. ViolentWomenAmongUs.
  216. Sparkyfister: "Feminists say so", Sparky dismatles patriarchy theory, bit by bit
  217. Anti-feminist video by a non-MRA
  218. black feminist promoting segregation
  219. Proof Feminism Is A Hate Movement ?
  220. WeisApple on Toronto
  221. Some wise words of advice, from GIJOE
  222. RazorBladeKandy dismantle "slut shaming" and other such nonsene
  223. Watch this video and remember that many believe misandry can't exist
  224. Unsportswoman like Soccer vid
  225. shit koreans get away with
  226. Good new vid
  227. The Closet
  228. ABC news what would you do
  229. Sensitivity Training
  230. The best Call Me Maybe parody ever
  231. Gender Studies: an introduction
  232. An interesting lawyer
  233. Have targeted boycotts been tried?
  234. The Amazing Atheist on the U of T fem-attack
  235. John Bullock on Jack Rosenberg's 4 year old rapist son.
  236. 4 prison guards pregnant from same inmate
  237. Andy Vanders Interviews Paul Elam (Likely repost)
  238. GirlWritesWhat - Interview.
  239. man chews out fail mothers
  240. Jodi Arias Trial: (Not) My Jury Notes -Jodi's Guilt
  241. Big Red's newest release
  242. Interactive Domestic Violence Campaign
  243. trying to find 'the other man'
  244. videogames - sexism or capitalism
  245. Feminist writes threats against herself online
  246. integralmath is mad at AVfM
  247. Take a stand and enforce your bullshit free zone
  248. white knight tedtalk
  249. Demographic Winter - A Documentary
  250. I am a myn!