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  1. Discrimination in Heath care
  2. Suicide Rates
  3. Homelessness
  5. False Rape Allegations
  6. Workplace & Wealth
  7. Pay Gap Myth
  8. War
  9. Education
  10. Domestic Violence
  11. Fatherlessness
  12. Politics
  13. Just the Facts
  14. 71% of Children Killed by One Parent are Killed by Their Mothers; 60% of Victims are
  15. Female Perpetrators of Child Rape and Sexual Abuse
  16. Women's Second Shift
  17. Parental Alienation Syndrome
  18. Child Abuse - Women are the overwhelming majority of perpetrators
  19. Lies and Infidelity
  20. Judicial Bias Against Males / Family Court Injustice
  21. Child Support - Who's really not paying?
  22. Women who rape or sexually assault men
  23. Canadian Public Employees By Gender
  24. Does any boday have the stats on how children do in single father families?
  25. Female Offenders
  26. Sexual Offending Stats in England + Wales. Ministry of Justice 9 Jan 2013
  27. American Male Prison Rape stats
  28. best Jobs are not the highest payed jobs
  29. Statistics
  30. Domestic violence Research from Ireland.
  31. White Ribbon Campaign and Unethical Pro Social Advertising
  32. Gay and Bisexual Men
  33. 50 Domestic Violence Myths
  34. Report of Results of DVPO Trial - UK
  35. Looking for some particular stats on infanticide
  36. I just had a brain fart...
  37. StatCan: Family Violence in Canada a Statistical Profile
  38. Social media and gender stats...
  39. Care2 in my e-mail...
  40. Women breadwinners
  41. Woozle Hunting
  42. Rape by Gender...
  43. Characteristics of rapists
  44. I might have just solved 183 murder cases
  45. Domestic violence has fallen 64 % in two decades
  46. Awesome Infographic
  47. Questioning RAINNs statistics on rape
  48. Teenage dating violence
  49. Lenore Weitzman
  50. I need some help with statistics.
  51. Rape Statistics (C0nc0rdance)
  52. 40% of rapists are female
  53. A man is twenty times more likely to be arrested for a crime.
  54. I'm looking for statistics on false rape allegations
  55. Found it,proof there are just as many female rapists are there are male rapists:
  56. Female DV Shelters vs Male DV shelters
  57. Illegality: male vs female homosexuality
  58. Awesome Bimbo-Sapiens: Claims of virgin births in US near 1 per cent
  59. Curious Presidential factoid
  60. Loking for a counter to "one in three man are rapists" claim.
  61. I'm looking for statistics on divorce
  62. reliable MGTOW stats
  63. Investigative MGTOWs want to know...
  64. I'm looking for statistics on males vs females in education
  65. Debunking Feminists Hypothesis: Collection of Peer reviewed Studies and Research
  66. Examining assaults by women on their spouses or male partners: Bibliography
  67. Abuse of Men Equal to Abuse of Women Online
  68. Spurious correlations: fun and instructive
  69. "...But how do I prove it?"
  70. Is there any way we can make this link more public
  71. Gender Income Data
  72. Statistics on IQ and SAT score by College Major.
  73. 572 different studies covering 371,600 people show women are more violent.
  74. Gendercide. Male Mortality Rates V Female
  75. Crapping out Babies
  76. Rape Kits vs Feminism
  77. Need to know.
  78. Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships
  79. USA Causes of Death by Age and Gender
  80. Stats on university majors by gender and income.
  81. HOLY SHIT - Stats on fucking everything -This is interesting.
  82. Looking for statistics on child custody
  83. Truth behind the 2% faulse rape claim figure
  84. IQ and gender ratio in different fields.
  85. Men are more likely to be married the more money they make
  86. ...gender disparities in federal criminal cases
  87. Statistics on spousal homicide by gender
  88. Rape hysteria and actual FBI semiannual statistics!
  89. Stats on Child Support
  90. CDC Divorce Stats (Single Mothers, Education, Income, Etc.)
  91. 62% of women admit to having rape fantasies.
  92. Looking for a study on the # of men unkowingly raising a child that's not their own
  93. Fake stats by feminists
  94. DV Homicide rates circa 1980s
  95. Polls on women's opinions on women's suffrage before 19th amendment?
  96. 0.8% of US mothers claim to be virgins
  97. Women exceede men: "Create Your Better Life Index"
  98. Primary source for DNA exoneration of those accused of rape?
  99. Statistics Database (with Primary Sources)
  100. Perusing Kimmel
  101. Perusing woozles
  102. The Feminist Movement is classed as Terrorism under International & Domestic Law.
  103. UK Single Female / Male distribution
  104. Male Suffrage Timeline
  105. Female Pedophilia Interview
  106. massive compliation of female paedophilia cases 1hr30min! hundreds of cases
  107. Genetic Basis For Female Liver
  108. Nations where women hugely outlive men
  109. False Rape Timeline updated
  110. Stats about feminists opposing gender-neutral legislation
  111. Stats on the sexual abuse of boys and men.