1. Useful victims

    Feminists and the progressive left are only interested in exposing and reporting child molestation (and other sex crimes) when doing so serves their wider political and ideological agendas.

    They are only interested in male victims for as long as those victims are useful victims. For as long as the progressive left is ideologically invested in taking down the individual being accused.

    Feminists and progressives want to promote secularism and progressive cultural values, ...

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  2. MILOgate and the victimization of male victims.

    When men and boys experience suffering, hardship and abuse we are encouraged by others and by our own hard-wiring, to tolerate it. At least. Heck to learn to love it if at all possible.

    We've heard the same mantras before -

    'Man up'. 'Laugh it off'.

    'Big boys don't cry'.

    OWN IT.
    We learn pretty early as men and boys that we gain nothing by embracing our victimhood.

    We also gain nothing by ...

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  3. Why Trump won...

    As the progressive media scrambles to lick it’s wounds and process the stunning 2016 election result a number of manifestly false narratives are already emerging to explain away what happened.

    Evil white people did it!

    It was because of racism and sexism!

    It was because not enough people are educated enough to vote the way we tell them to!

    The old screwed the young!
    None of these narratives stand up in the face of the evidence ...

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  4. #Imwithher - Saluting Kellyanne Conway

    Feminists should be rejoicing. A woman DID win the White House this week.

    The most stunning and audacious election campaign in the history of democracy was orchestrated by Kellyanne Conway.

    Behind every great man is a good woman so the saying goes. So let’s talk about the woman currently standing behind the president elect.

    Like many women ...

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  5. The REAL Double Standard

    *If you are accusing the right man.

    Morality is all relative for those on the progressive left...Nothing has exposed this reality more profoundly than the liberal media's treatment of allegations, evidence and testimony pertaining to the conduct and actions (alleged and/or proven) of three very different dick-swinging amigos.

    Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and ...

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