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If you think that this is it, the matter was over ,you couldn't be more wrong. I now deal with the charges that get laid in harassment by police while you go through the motions of being presumed innocent until proven guilty. For one small example I will share this. I had to stay at court appointed residence while I wasn't incarcerated and awaiting court. A certain high ranking police commander felt I shouldn't be in his area of town, live across the street from a school. Remember, not my choice but rather where they put me. So in order to get me out of the area he falsely charged me with breaches. At the station in no uncertain terms stated " we don't need your kind living amongst the good people of South Edmonton and across from their kids school"!
The charges were dropped for this instance and yet they charged me so many more times in efforts to cover, discredit and I believe attempt to push me to kill myself. For years they dragged out these charges. Yet I have been found guilty of nothing to date.
On Tuesday May 12, 2015 they will render a final verdict in charges of "assaulting police", a matter definitely connected yet the courts pretend it to be a separate matter and unconnected. They denied me a jury trial and I had the unfortunate "co incidence" of drawing the judge who was the former deputy minister of justice of Alberta Canada." Coincidence"? what do you think?
I can only hope the man is honorable, Sees what they did to me and puts an end to it. Next Tuesday it will be just less than 1 month since it all began with my false accuser 4 years ago and still to this very day Friday, May 8th,2015 I am under some of the same conditions of bail release that was set when I was accused falsely. My hope for actual real justice is bleak at best.

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  3. This is over.

    by , 11-05-2015 at 03:36 AM (The Center piece that began my troubles...........(blog 100))
    It isn't easy to stand your ground and be a man when you're accused of the worst. You become a social pariah, discarded by those far and closest to you. You battle through the finger points, words of judgement, you hang your head low and often ponder suicide.
    I don't know how I made it through it all, not the foggiest idea. It wasn't with turmoil, unheard tears of anguish. Hell once I even died a few times literally only to be revived and it to continue but somehow I made it through. I started ...
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  5. I am free! After near 5 years of hell that started with a false allegation.

    by , 11-05-2015 at 03:16 AM (The Center piece that began my troubles...........(blog 100))
    Tuesday, 3 November 2015
    The much anticipated day has come and much to my relief......
    The much anticipated day has come and much to my relief it is done! It is over and I start anew.

    It has been a horrible near 5 years and where I attempted to show and explain, be transparent....words can do no justice more than those that I received yesterday "You are free to go, rebuild and continue to succeed, I wish you all the best"
    We drove home, tired and a bit ...