1. Dating in the Double-Bind

    The most potent form of female coercive power is by exploiting the essential biological drive of a man and placing him, often implicitly, into a double bind. He is compelled by both biology, and to a certain extent social conditioning, to seek validation and completion from women. Women then sit like a spider in the center of a web and wait for the man to approach. However women in general both implicitly and explicitly make any man who approaches an unknown woman out to be a harasser, or seducer ...

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  2. Female Pornography

    From at least the late 19th century the word pornography was used to describe literature, often of French origin, and only came to be used to describe photographic sexual content around 1906. I use the term in its earlier meaning, that of "whore writing", porne meaning prostitute or whore in Greek, and graphos meaning to write. Obviously such literature is attested all the way back to the bawdy versus of Juvenal, but I intend to stick to the modern writing of pornography. Women have, on ...

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