1. The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism (Part III)

    The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism (Part III)

    If you think my analysis is flawed-- I invite you to look around. See all the myriad articles, books, conferences, comments, etc, calling for the End of Men, or telling us how we're shit for doing this or thinking that, or working to "control" our behavior, or modify our thinking, or all of the bazillion ways we're bad and evil and monsters.

    And if a woman does say anything nice or uplifting about men, she ...

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  2. The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism (Part II)

    The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism (Part II)

    Yes, it is true that I despise Feminists and I am not ashamed of it in the slightest. Feminism is a blight. Feminism is a scourge upon our society. Feminism is evil and Feminism needs to be eradicated. Feminism is busy tearing our human society apart and offers ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return-- for anybody really. But certainly not for MEN. We are the enemy. We are the "other" that must be destroyed. We are the "bad ...

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  3. The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism

    The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism (Part I of III)

    This blog post is culled from a larger thread wherein we were discussing the YouTube video of a Hateful Feminist advocating for the "Killing of All Men, Including Male Babies". The comment was made in the thread that in order to combat this sort of HATEFULNESS, that a consciousness-raising campaign needs to be enacted by the Men's Right's Movement to educate and and inform the public what the true nature of Feminism ...

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  4. Feminism - The War on Men and Masculinity

    Feminism is at war with Men and Masculinity. It seeks to tear down everything associated with "Men", "Males", "Masculinity", and deconstruct / destroy every aspect of "the male" in civilization. Men like Joss Whedon, Anderson Cooper, et al just get a "pass" as "honorary women" or something-- useful idiots that serve a particular purpose toward a greater, longer-term Feminist mission.

    Feminists are cunning enemies-- ...
  5. America owes hillary a sincere debt of gratitude


    I read recently that we Americans are not properly supportive of Hillary Clinton. And I just want to say, upon reflection, that I think this is right. Seriously-- it is absolutely right.

    It was HILLARY'S skill that got Trump elected. Her finesse at rigging elections, colluding with the DNC, taking bribes and kickbacks in her illegal pay-to-play operation, her illegal use of a personal email server to channel ...
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