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  1. The Phalanx must hold

    All too often in the last few months i saw MRAs and MRA leaning people tear each other down without cause, Paul striking at CHS, Thunderfoot attacking Lauren Southern, Armored Skeptic made a whole series of videos portraying MGTOW as basement dwelling conspiracy theorists (which some of them are, i wont lie). And then how many people were all too eager to turn against Milo at the first sign of trouble.

    Anyone who watched the movie 300, as silly and cartoonish the whole thing was in ...
  2. Adulthood is a myth.

    When i was very young i saw adults as bastions of wisdom, all knowing entities, as surely we all have, i am now 26, well past the age my mother was when i was born, 3 years short of the age my father was when i was born, in the last couple of years i saw my peers get married and having children, i am well past the "threshold" of adulthood, and what i discovered on the other side is that adulthood, as i used to see it when i was young and ´naive, simply does not exist, it is a farce, a ...
  3. Feminism end game.

    I may be an untypical male, or maybe all the other men are just as good at hiding feelings, but i appear rather stoic to the outside world, this skin deep camouflage hides a veritable storm of emotions that are constantly raging inside, when i see how easy it is for feminists to dismiss men as disposable drones not worth bothering with, without ever realizing it, when i see how many women find it really easy to go along with that, when i see double standards op up left and right without anyone noticing, ...

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  4. Useful victims

    Feminists and the progressive left are only interested in exposing and reporting child molestation (and other sex crimes) when doing so serves their wider political and ideological agendas.

    They are only interested in male victims for as long as those victims are useful victims. For as long as the progressive left is ideologically invested in taking down the individual being accused.

    Feminists and progressives want to promote secularism and progressive cultural values, ...

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  5. No Men Beyond This Point

    Imagine a world where men are becoming extinct.

    Imagine a world with no men.

    Imagine a world where pregnancy no longer requires sperm.

    I watched part of a movie recently titled ‘’No Men Beyond This Point.’’ It’s an interesting, yet depressing and somewhat creepy look at what a world might look like, if women no longer needed men. The movie is brilliant in the ...

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