The splinter in my mind

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For the past few months something has been bothering me. Until today I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I only knew that something wasn't right with the world. Obviously this is nothing new, but something was different. Something had changed that pushed my mind over a virtual line in the sand. While sitting in a coffee shop earlier today, it occurred to me.

Women are now allowed to serve in our most elite fighting forces.

Why has this one specific event shifted things so profoundly in my mind? This one act has simultaneously accomplished two things on behalf of the feminine imperative.

The most straight forward affect is that this was the last bastion for male only space left in the world. The concept of male only space is now dead. There is no longer any place a man can go to escape the ever present nagging voice of women telling us "That is inappropriate."

Second, society is telling us that women are every bit as tough as men. They apparently now have the balls to go head to head with the toughest Alciada and ISIS have to offer. Never mind the military is already lowering the standard required for these branches to allow for more women. Now if you are an equalist, maybe this doesn't seem so bad, until you pair it with other concurrent events. Women are now getting their own taxi services. They are getting their own parking spaces and train cars. They have had their own gyms for decades as well. They are getting all of this because apparently men are so dangerous that the only way these special snowflakes can feel safe is to have their own facilities where men are not allowed to go.

The cognitive dissonance created by these two completely contradictory points of view is staggering.

1) Women are tough enough to be Rangers and SEALs.
2) Men are so dangerous that the only way women can be safe is to have their own segregated facilities.

Let that sink in for a minute. This one act has simultaneously killed the last male only space even while female only space continues to grow. It has also created a mental paradox that should have even the most simple minded person scratching their head at the illogical nature of it all.

And yet men at large don't even blink an eye. Obviously men in the sphere see it, but the average man on the street does not. How out of balance do things need to get before something snaps? I think it is time for the comet or the flood to come along and erase this mistake. Earth needs to start over with new monkeys.
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  1. malcolm's Avatar
    Good blog post, you hit on a certain important point. For me, that's the real "red pill" moment. It's obvious a lot of guys talk about red pill, but until you have actually come to the conclusion that we live in somewhat of a mass delusion that's being held aloft by our cognitive dissonance, you haven't swallowed it.

    Here's an example. I have to hire a person for a job. A man and a woman apply. On the one hand I've been trained to think that women are equally as capable of doing the job because they are just as sensible as men. On the other hand I'm supposed to understand that if someone touches her bum her world can crumble apart, she'd be traumatized, and all her insensible actions would be justified, or if some loading dock guy tells a dirty joke the workplace is poisonous - all of which confirms that women are not as sensible as men.
    Those two beliefs running concurrently in our heads is cognitive dissonance. No wonder teen boys are fucked up.

    With the military and police standards dropping: Presumably we lower standards that women can get these jobs because it's unfair "that people should be denied jobs based on their gender." So we lower standards to allow more women in. This is "affirmative action" a plan to favour certain people until a natural equilibrium is reached. But when will women ever be as physically capable as men? When and how to feminists envision an end to this "affirmative action"? That will never be, it's now a permanently encoded plan to slide jobs from men to women. Society endorses this plan. But if I'm a man who can reach the physical standards set for women, but I can't reach the standards set for men, then the ONLY reason I'm being denied a job is because of my gender.
    So to end the unfairness that is "people being denied jobs because of their gender" we will create a plan where only "men can be denied a job based on their gender". That is cognitive dissonance at its best.

    There's tons of examples, almost every left wing scheme comes down to them relying on society to live with cognitive dissonance in their minds.
  2. theplummer's Avatar
    Good blog...Welcome to the world of what feminism IS....and has always been. The two contradictory ideas that feminism posits, and has normalized in western culture is just the narrative of nothing more than "errant adolescent teenagers", stamping their feet and demanding that they are "all grown up", "I can do it myself, I'm a big girl, Your not my father, I'm your equal"...Blah, Blah, Blah. Only to still DEMAND the privilege of "Take care of me daddy, I can't do this, You've hurt my feewings".

    I've experienced this first hand as a police officer....I started my career as a too young to even carry a firearm, couldn't have a "state power of arrest", but still had municipal "authority" to bring forth charges in municipal court to violators, and act as an unimpeachable witness in all courts (face it, that's what police officers have when testifying, that's why dishonest ones get away with all the crap they have done).

    Along comes a Young (few years older than me), hot woman, who started hanging around the department...All the older men were just smitten with her... She just played these guys like a fiddle...She'd approach from behind them and rub their backs, bat her eyes at them, and she'd get absolutely everything she wanted from them...They were in complete competition to "serve her", and I'll bet they never mentioned the shit she does to their wives...

    Well, I turned 21, which finally aged me into being able to have a full state commission, and a position finally opened up...She applied for the position and was overwhelmingly hired over me, I'd already had nearly three years service to the department, and she came from completely outside the department...She only had 120 hours of police academy, and I had 685 hours of academy(which was obtained while I worked full time, paid for initially by myself, but upon graduation received tuition reimbursement from the department, to the tune of over $2500.00)...I had attended ALL internal department training, I was familiar with All department policies and procedures, My IQ was measured three times and was measured between a 162 and 168. I interviewed well, was fit, strong, and an excellent marksman, problem solver, report writer, and excellent in courtroom testifying and demeanor.

    So, she was hired, and continued her "flirtations" to get what she wanted...All the time...The older officers were just enamored that they got little bits of attention from her.

    I was finally promoted when the next position opened up, and she would try that crap with me, I mostly ignored it...Until one day, she and I were walking to the service entry into the police department and I got to the door first... I hit the code to unlock the door, opened it, and held it for her (as I would do for anyone I was walking with...My momma taught me to always defer to who is behind you when opening a door, male or female)...She came unglued...She lambasted me for holding the door for her...She screeched that she was "my equal", and it was "sexist" for me to hold the door for her...Blah, Blah, Blah...I tried to explain that I'd hold the door for anyone, not that her gender was playing any part of it...She wouldn't have ANY of my "excuses"....

    That was the "watershed" moment for me...I thought "Ok, bitch...You want "equality", you got it"....I said Nothing to her, and I just waited...And that didn't take long...Like the same day... She got a call for a dead dog, blocking the roadway on a highway that runs through our municipality...She went 10-23(arrived at the call), blocked the roadway with her car and began directing traffic around the dead dog...Meanwhile, she called for me to respond to remove the animal...I ignored the call and went on about my business...First status check (20 minutes passed) and I still hadn't "arrived"...So she got impatient and re-requested my response...So, I figured I'd better go, so I don't get into trouble for ignoring my fellow officers request for assistance...

    When I arrived, and I saw that she was blocking traffic for a 20lb dead dog, in the roadway, I said, "what do you need from me"...She said that she wanted me to remove the animal, while she directed traffic...I said "NO, You are my equal...And you can handle this on your own." Got in my car and left...

    Another time, shortly after this incident, she came up behind me, and started scratching my shoulders with her fingernails, wanting to get me to do some shit for her....I jerked sideways, away from her, and shouted, "Don't touch me....Don't you ever touch me...You touch me again, I'm filing a sexual harassment complaint on you"...You should have seen the startled look on her face....She actually seemed scared by my response....Heh Heh...Equality Bitch...

    Another time, she tried to talk me into doing something for her, as she didn't want to do it...And I asked her, "What's in it for me?"...She looked confused, and asked what do I mean....I responded, that she's wanting me to do her work for her, what's in it for me....You gonna cook me dinner or give me a blow job or something? NO your not, so go do your job...

    After about 2 years of her employment, a supervisor position opened up, and she barely met the time requirements...didn't meet the educational requirement, and was a rather low producing officer....Not only was she promoted to supervisor...There was a full page article, in the local newspaper, complete with pictures of her being handed her gold shield and everything....That's never happened before when any other "man" got promoted to supervisor...Normally, you'd get called into the chiefs office and he'd just congratulate you and hand you your shield, and tell you to go to the uniform equipment storage and pick out matching leftover gold uniform hardware...And that was it...

    She ultimately filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the department...Got a huge out of court settlement, and got to keep her service weapon as part of the deal...

    So, Your realization of what's happening, really has been happening for a long time, it's just now being "normalized", and feminism is "celebrating" the special privileges women get in government, para and military organizations...
  3. AgainstAllOdds's Avatar
    good point well made