Highlights of my life. The early years. Part 1

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I'm not much of a writer, I tend to go off on tangents, and I've never written a blog before. Be kind and be patient please. I'm writing this as a series because I want to tell my story so you all can get to know me and because, well, I want to. I will be writing this as I remember it at the time of writing.


The early years.

The earliest memory I have, that I can actually put a time to, is Thanksgiving of 1985 when I was two years old. I know that because we had a family tradition. Write down our Christmas wish list at Thanksgiving, give it to our parents to "proofread for Santa" and then to, later, mail off to "Santa." I remember writing the list at my grandfather's desk in his living room while my mom and various aunts were setting up Thanksgiving dinner. My dad, grandfather, and various uncles were in the dining room hanging out talking about... whatever. The parents would send us children to the desk to write our list out one at a time and it was finally my turn. Like most kids, I had a wishlist a mile long. Through the fog of time I've forgotten almost everything I wrote on the list. But I do remember one toy. I wanted this remote controlled T-Rex with battle gear. Similar to the Dino-Riders but a little more generic. (I don't remember what they were called.)


As is common with early memories, they basically skip around. But I do remember that Christmas. I got a remote controlled... Triceratops. It walked and it roared and it had no armor or weapons. It's eyes did light up though. I was disappointed, of course, but I made do. I took it into the woods where I often played behind the trailer I lived in. Don't judge, the woods were a mere 15 feet or so from the trailer and there was a clearing just on the other side of the tree line. All in all, I was maybe 25 feet from my home. So, I took Trike out back and set him on a log and had him walk along it. ... He fell over after about two steps. Then he roared. I don't recall whatever happened to him after that. I'm fairly certain I brought him back home.


My next memory is of my 3rd birthday, January of 86. Specifically, I remember the cake. At some previous point in my life, that I haven't been able to determine when, I had watched Friday the 13th. I instantly loved it (and still do dammit). No, I don't remember which one it was but it had to be at least part 3 since the hockey mask wasn't introduced until then. And that was my cake. It was a chocolate cake with a scene depicting Jason holding a butcher knife and chasing someone. My mom had drawn it up herself just for me. It was a poor icing drawing but I loved it anyway. Over top the whole cake was my very own, glow in the dark, Jason Mask. Truth be told, it was my brother's, they'd given it to him for Halloween and simply repurposed it for me. I don't remember that previous Halloween so, dammit, THE MASK IS MINE! I had that thing all the way up until I was about 11.


I don't know precisely when my next memory is, but it's after my birthday (I had my mask on during this) and it's still winter. So, there I am in the living room, watching TV and wearing my mask. My dad comes through the front door and I notice something out of place. At first I didn't notice it but then it's obvious. He's huddled up in his coat in a very peculiar manner. I remember his coat was either a dark navy blue or black and he had it pulled tight around his neck but pulled away from his chest. It was very odd looking. So, I sat there staring through my mask at him as he set his stuff down and shut the door when POOF a fluffy furball pops up out of the front of the neck of his coat. IT'S A PUPPY! My dad saw that I noticed, put a finger to his lips and shushed me before I could even make a sound. He tucked the furball back into his coat and told me he had to talk to mom first. I nodded and watched him head through the kitchen to the back bedroom where mom was lying down. Then I ran to my room... our room, I shared a bedroom with my three brothers on the other side of the trailer, and promptly told my brothers what I'd seen. I told them dad wanted to talk to mom first. All four of us immediately went to the kitchen "for a snack." We got to keep him, of course. He was an Alaskan Malamute and we named him Bubba. A name which he would come to earn. (HE WAS HUGE!) Animal planet says they typically weigh between 75 and 100. Bubba weighed in around 125 (once he was grown) according to my dad. Alas, that was 30 years ago and Bubba is no longer with us. But that's another story.

If this goes over well and/or I feel like it, I will write the next part next week. Bye for now
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  1. FlightlessBird's Avatar
    Nice to get a little insight into who you are James, I'm kinda in shock you watched Friday the 13th at 3?! My son is 11 and he couldn't handle that! Mind you, I'm a wuss too, not sure I've ever watched a whole one :/ Do you still love horror?