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    i live about 3 hours away from sydney
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    Fly by night my friends!!! Avoid cameras, security, and witnesses. Post in the wee hours or in locations that are vacant at the moment but will see traffic afterwards. Bathroom stalls, empty halls, or even just off campus (telephone poles etc.) where students will pass by in the morning on their way to class. Make them difficult to remove if off campus so that many will see them and they'll be the subject of gossip. Make sure they are from academic sources or they will be easily dismissed by feminist denigration and disparagement. Plan well. No finger prints kinda planning ;-}

    I used to hang thought provoking/implanting posters around my campus(es) like the cover of Dr. Warren Farrell's book "Does feminism discriminate agaist men?" or "The war against boys" by DR. Christina Hoff Sommers. Being that Sommers is a woman helps to show girls that they don't have to toe the party line and can be critical of feminism.

    Quick, easy sentences to read as one passes which can easily implant opinions -psycholinguistics. The sentences alone can bypass critical thought. This is repeatedly shown through research in psychology and liguistics.

    For example: 'does feminism discriminate against men?' can easily be confused by many as 'feminism does discriminate against men'. The brain will cut corners everywhere it can in order to assimilate, analyse, and file or discard sensory info. The brain doesn't always work with and deposit info in the way it is received. This type of research often looks at the power of chosen syntax, the chosen lexicon etc., and how people react differently if one changes aspects of communication. It's not foolproof but it can be used to one's advantage.

    Do NOT think about a Blue Polar Bear.

    Many people will have an image of a blue polar bear in their minds upon reading that statement even though they were told NOT to think about it -even more will if they hear the sentence. The presence of the words 'blue polar bear' simply causes the thought and 'NOT' falls to the wayside. The brain picks up 'think about' and 'blue polar bear'.

    Language is powerful, so use it sparingly in certain cases as too much will overload passers-by causing the message to be lost.

    Longer texts should be placed where people will have the time to stop and read them -bathroom stalls, bus stops, restaurant bathrooms etc.

    This has been done before so it can be done again and again and again.

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    RE: sydney

    Clementine Ford wrote an article called "Two Ways To Dismantle Rape Culture" (SMH March 12) I replied by email quoting AVfM as a source of statistics. Her reply email stated: "AVFM is a propaganda website whose aim isn't to end patriarchy and liberate all humans but to attack and belittle feminists while denying inequality against women exists. It's a crank site." Ouch, a wonder if she feels as strongly about any feminist websites?

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    RE: sydney

    Not sure how active this section is at the moment, but yeah I live in Haberfield, in the Inner West.

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    RE: sydney

    I work in Sydney, but I live on the Central Coast (just outside Gosford)
    Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the Patriarchy. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
    Neo: What truth?
    Spoon boy: There is no Patriarchy.

    Apparently, women get only 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. We only have 23 cents left, but feminists insist they want the rest.

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    RE: sydney

    Well dude i have spent a lot of time in Sydney with my friends i have seen a lot of beautiful hotels and restaurant in Sydney the hotel in which i have stayed totally made of wood and aluminium pipes have layer under ground especially for water and Gas purposes.Aluminium taps have fixed with the sink and pipes have attached with it.So if any body wants to share any information/ideas about it then please share me buddy??

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    RE: sydney

    I'm in the Inner West (Newtown). I'd be more than happy to meet any & all other MHRA/MRAs for a beer & a good ol' chin wag if anyone is so inclined to meet me close by.

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