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Thread: Melbourne meet up /???

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    Melbourne meet up /???

    So guys was thinking about this the other day,

    There are a fair few Aussies floating around, and further more there are a fair few Victorians to boot.

    We should all get together one day, barbie a few beers, kick the skin around. Make it an annual event or something. I imagine Melbourne would be the venue.

    Be a good experience.

    Email me or reply here if your interested we will try and work something that is best for everyone.

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    Dr. F

    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    G'day Morpheus,

    Rightyo boofhead I'm in.

    Strike me pink. I'll hoik an esky full as a goog with tinnies up on my ute's tray and make it without coming a gutser on the way to the joint.

    [See mate, we can talk in lingo code and the bloody Yanks don't have a bloody clue]

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    I think it is a brilliant idea but would probably have to give it a miss myself given the distance and cost. Skype me in and hoist one for me.

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    Likewise I'm too far away too. Get plastered and go on a poster rampage. I'd love to do that in Canberra - and I will hopefully soon.

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    Too far from Perth so I can't make it, bugger.

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    I get through Melbourne on a fairly frequently (up until recently it was where I called home).

    Is anyone able to host for a BBQ?

    How widely dispersed through through Melbourne are we? -- There's always the option of a Park or Pub somewhere.

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    if / when we organised it, it will be done through Private Message or email. Don't need undesirables gate crashing the party

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    Sure, I'd like to come along. Schedule's completely open at the moment.

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    I'm both Australian and living in Melbourne, but deathly afraid of the internet. I'm too afraid, as stupid as that sounds.

    Also, can't let anyone know I've spoken to those dirty MHRMs or that I've a problem with anything mainstream!

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    RE: Melbourne meet up /???

    Well if it were organised, (still a bit of an if thing at the moment) , it would be done via pm

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