Anyone watch The Simpsons last night?
It really symbolizes how far down the shit hole this show has gotten. The basic plot summary (of the b-plot) is that Lisa (the elder daughter of the family) is the only girl in an elective coding class which is taught by... a female. This female teacher immediate gives her obvious preferential treatment over the male students because vagina. Even though this is clearly misandry in practice, the principal does absolutely nothing and then the teacher decides to focus on her all-female coding group, instead of the students she is paid to teach. Other events occur, which ends up in the beaten to shit message that "women can do what a man can do, in heels" that our culture has shoved down it's throat every bloody day.

I know that most animators out there have a liberal lean, but it has simply gotten beyond ridiculous. If the genders were reversed, this episode would have caused a giant firestorm. Matt Groening has gone from an talent that could create a zany, dysfunctional family that despite its antics could connect with the average person to a full on fem-tard that does whatever it takes to act like a holier-than-thou tool in front of his declining audience.

I understand if you think that is more fitting for the rants section.