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Thread: Blame the Crossbow Lobby...

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    Blame the Crossbow Lobby...

    No one in Canada, AFAIK, has ever been murdered with an AR15 rifle yet we now have three dead who were killed by some crossbow nut!

    We need to ban 'assault crossbows'. Nobody 'needs' to own such a murderous weapon!!!

    (and enforce background checks for crossbow buyers too)
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    Don't joke they will try
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    why did he allegedly kill them? it does not say anything
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    do nutbags need a reason to go off the deep end?
    \"i\'m nobody that you ever wanna be,cos i know that the world is afraid of me\"

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    The normal story as it turns out; guy had a history and the glorious Canadian justice and mental health system just let him slide; when he came calling on these people; they were defenceless as per normal in Canada.

    We just had a Conservative MP running for the party lead propose a bill to legalize pepper spray for the love of an angry god.

    We have a long, long way to go.

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