My top item on my list of not caring what happens to men was the hoax that large numbers of women were being killed in Ciudad Juarez, in Mexico. Over and over the MSM repeated that over 300 women were abducted and killed there. But, because I never saw any comparative report on how many men were killed I knew instantly this was another feminist hoax.

Finally, after several years El Sol de Puebla reported that in the same time period that 300 women were murdered, over 2500 men were killed. Not only was the percentage of female victims less than in the USA; they were also at a lower rate than in the entire nation of Mexico.

Finally, after years of accusations, the Mexican government asked the US FBI to investigate. They did and reported that evidence was no conspiracy was involved. Only the usual random murders that happen anywhere.

One specific accusation was that one ranch was where they buried the murdered women. The FBI used ground penetrating radar and opened all graves found. All were identified with ranch death and burial records.

Yet, even today, years later, you can see feminist claims that women are being murdered in a major conspiracy and the government is covering it up. As false as global warming.