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Thread: Techniques For Debating A Feminist?

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    I won him over in the end, but he wasn't entirely radicalized. I just took on a tone of polite discussion as though I was ready and willing to learn more about the merits of feminism and what it does for men. Then I started asking questions in a non confrontational manner. This forced him to actually analyze what feminism has done for men, and why it is that men are fighting for rights that women already have. He was still going on about how it is men's duty to change our way of thinking and to stand up for women facing harassment because they are too meek to defend themselves, I left him with the fact that not all men are big and powerful and able to defend their rights either.

    I don't think he has quite figured it all out yet, but his arguments are certainly in shambles and he has no choice but to re-educate himself. He is now genuinely questioning why men are lacking rights that could be corrected in the blink of an eye with changes to law, while women are facing "struggles" that can really only be corrected by policing thought crimes. He has a lot to figure out and I don't think the brand of "balanced feminism" he was original advocating is going to be enough to fulfill his newfound curiosity
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