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Thread: The Democratic Party has lost its mind — and its soul

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    The question was raised earlier about where has there ever been a privatized school system that has been more successful than any government educational system...

    I'll stand behind this privatized educational system as being far superior to any government educational system, and I guarantee that the cost is literally pennies on the dollar of any of the most efficient educational systems that any government has ever envisioned.

    I was right. the tuition for full time student is only $2K per year, opposed to the last figure I was given by my local k-12 public educational system (which was at least 10 years ago), as being $8,500 per student per year. Compare that to the $3,500 per year tuition (at the same time period) for my local parochial elementary (k-8) tuition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrongSilentType View Post
    Maxx keeps saying the same thing, and no, he never addresses the issues I raise; e.g. what country has a better education system than us, that isn't public?
    This is like that political compass all over again.

    Suppose there is a factory that makes shit cakes.

    If you think shit cakes are a good thing you are going to argue a factory that mass produces them is a good factory.

    If someone else doesn't feel the same way about shit cakes as you do they aren't going to consider the shit cake factory an example of a good factory.

    Apparently you can't wrap your head around the simple fact that not everyone feels the same way as you do about shit cakes.

    I keep answering your questions. I just don't give you the answers you want.

    For one it's not a question of PUBLIC VS PRIVATE.

    Public education systems across the globe are based on entirely different ideologies and remits. You can't lump the publicly funded education of China in with the publicly funded education of Sweden and use those two to make the case of the publicly funded education systems (over parental choice) in the context of the USA.

    Also education is worthless unless it's APPLICABLE. Countries like Iran and China and India are far more effectively producing graduates that have skills that actually serve the needs and demands of emerging economies than the majority of western nations presently are.

    Yes those education systems are also 'publicly funded' but there is a marked difference in the employment prospects of their graduates within emerging economies. And a marked difference in what 'publicly funded' actually means in those cases.

    Public education isn't the 'same thing' everywhere in the world. Not even remotely so.

    Also how you measure 'good' 'better' and 'best' with regards to education is a very complicated issue that you seemingly want to oversimplify. Ideological indoctrination and it's pros and cons are highly subjective. A system that indoctrinates children into an ideology you happen to agree with might be regarded as good in YOUR EYES. But that's a matter of opinion that you seem to want to present as a matter of fact.

    What about youth unemployment across many of the western European nations you cite as having 'good' systems?

    What about measuring the differences in terms of prospects and employment and earning potential between grads and non-grads within the same nations? To try to isolate the specific impact and material value of that education?

    What about HOW you measure all this? In terms of overall numbers ? In terms of percentages of overall population?

    If Finland has 12 people and 6 are doctors then 50% of their people are doctors...if China has a Billion people and 1% of them are get the idea...

    ...I hope.
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