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Thread: Broken Hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatrixTransform View Post
    its usually what happens when yr trying to poke somebody and swinging wildly.

    if yr dumb enough to hit the bag, a head, yr opponent's arms, or...LMFAO, a door!! ... then fuck it you deserve a fracture

    In my book it is about as ridiculously stupid as walking in front front of a car

    first and last time was 35 years ago and I still have the scar where the bone protruded.

    ...stop whinging will ya?
    thats my take as well. i broke my hand (12 times like a noob)
    when i was a kid because i was a kid and got into fights before i learned how to hit. fact is i would ratheruse elbows now or open palm, fists are over rated and if the person knows how to fight they can disable you easily if youre using fists (if you see the guy going for your head.. head butt his fist..the weird angle will break his hand most times)

    in MMA they fight with special gloves that basically prevent this. but in real life. your skill breaks a hand..if your skull can take it..its usually fight-over for them.

    i dont think i'd want to do that at 38 years old anymore though.. but i havnt had a fight in over 10 years now.. thank god. what a dumb cunt i was..just like matrix
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    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNarrator View Post
    what a dumb cunt i was..just like matrix
    Yep...I was dumber 'n dogshit
    "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one" - Charles Mackay

    And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. - Donne

    "What we are seeing in this headless misandry is a grand display of the Tyranny of the Underdog: 'I am a wretchedly longstanding victim; therefore I own no burden of adult accountability, nor need to honor any restraint against my words and actions. In fact, all efforts to restrain me are only further proof of my oppressed condition.'
    "It is the most perfect trump-card against accountable living ever devised." - Gladden Schrock

    "What remains for most men in modern life is a world of expectation without reward, burden without honor and service without self" - Paul Elam

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    Yea, I haven't been in a fight in 10 years, now; in a scuffle, I grapple and use knees and elbows. You don't even have to "headbutt" their fist, just nod your head down, which you should be doing to protect your throat, anyway.

    This was just me losing my temper and trying to punch open a closed door. "Dumb cunt" is fair

    Speaking of, recent joke I heard:

    "Define 'countryside.'"

    "The act of murdering Piers Morgan."

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