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Thread: Feminist Rant of the Week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mik1 View Post
    I don't know Is there a support group for this problem? Femaholics anonymous...
    That's PUA territory ...

    It starts off as innocent entertainment
    "There's no such thing as innocent entertainment." (Freud*)

    but then I just get pissed off
    OK, so you're in it for the thrills of aggravation.
    At least you get to push your own reward button.

    I can't stop without trying to debunk the nonsense.
    Jesus Syndrome ...? Have fun whipping fog.

    I know, I know, just walk away...
    No, that's why they nailed the feet, too.

    I have insight into female nature
    Why do you inflict this on yourself ...?


    * Fake Olds

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    You will never have any luck talking sense into feminists because they all suffer from cognitive dissonance. Their ultimate goal being to always distortedly interpret reality so as to portray women as victims, which in turn earns them privileges; attention, sympathy, aid etc. This woman's statements are a great example of this.

    She asks "How many men are spending thousands of Euro/dollars/GBP on fixing their "bits"? and claims "not many" in an effort to portray women as disproportional victims in our society. Of course if you look at this issue fairly and without bias you find that men spend as much if not more on 'fixing their bits'. Take the bodybuilding industry as a great example for this. Hundreds of thousands of men spend billions every year in this industry to look a certain way. They pump the most unhealthy combinations of chemicals into their bodies to attain that muscular physique that is defined by women as being attractive. Not only do they spend billions but thousands of them wind up maimed, disabled and even dead every year as a result of what they do in the pursuit of this physique.

    She then goes on to reinterpret the reality of pornography to portray women as victims within this industry....

    "It is fucking tyrannical, the lengths that women are expected to go to just to be acceptable."..

    she claims this of an industry that is entirely made up of women of all ages and sizes. Women who sexually exploit their own bodies and the sexuality of men and boys for financial gain....The lengths that feminists go in the pursuit of victimhood are beyond irrational. They are crazy.
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