For anyone who has enjoyed my previous books - I’ve just put a new novel on Amazon as a paperback and kindle ebook (it’ll be available as an ebook from other digital stores in a few months).

It’s an explicitly anti-feminist novel and it’s called “The Macabre Dance: a Contemporary Woman meets a Contemporary Man”.

The story takes place on a stormy night with the rain pouring down and the sky split by lightning. A woman arrives home to find a strange man in her remote country cottage. Trapped together during the endless hours of darkness they must try to find a way to communicate. It won’t be easy.

The novel is a dramatic depiction of the feminist estrangement of the sexes. It’s like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” with added anti-feminism. The question for the reader is: Is this a nightmare vision of terminal gender alienation? Or is it just a story from the society in which we live?

Anyone who’s interested can find the book through my website at or by doing a search on Amazon.