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Thread: I gave up dating,love,relationships,sex etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubs View Post
    And if you get a divorce so be it.

    Pull out your checkbook like "Our business is concluded. I'll expect to see my children in good care and you'll be sorry if I don't. Now fuck off and don't come back."
    Or, depending on the circumstances, you could go for primary custody and let her write the checks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubs View Post
    Much less going on vacation to enjoy a beach or a cruise, all the prices are based on "double occupancy."
    That's one of the big things that keeps me from ever going on a cruise. Why should have I have to pay double to go by myself?
    "...but when she goes off you, she will not just walk away, she will walk away with your fucking skin in a jar." ~~ DoctorRandomercam
    "The laws of man, they don't apply when blood gets in a woman's eye" - The Black Keys

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