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Thread: H.R. 321 and H.R. 255 <--have you guys read these? and HR 861 and HJR 69 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simpleman View Post
    Perhaps next time around don't vote for the biggest white knight in the history of New York?
    So... uh... who else would you suggest...??
    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_e View Post
    So... uh... who else would you suggest...??
    It does not matter now, we can't take the time back and change... so what we focus now is on the consequences of the past and how to adapt and live with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simpleman View Post
    NASA is dead, go to Europe, there are many countries out there that are actually investing in research, here in US the budget for NASA gets cut every year, and now it is worse wit hthis new administration that hate science.

    Quote Originally Posted by simpleman View Post
    No, they are not... they will give this women some government contracts, and there is some laws that force companies to hire services from minorities.. but at the end of the day.... stuff needs to get done....
    Yea, like the F-22... no, wait, OK, then like the F-35... no, damn it, there has to be something that works...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrongSilentType View Post
    And how is the NASA supposed to archive that?

    In his budget Trump did another cut, to sums up to all the cuts Obama did every one of his 8 years... At some point they are not longer cutting out the fat, but the flesh and start to grinder down the bones...

    Just think abut that... Trump in one end says that global environmental change is a lie... then goes ahead and tells the NASA to figure out how to landscape Mars... and on top of everythign signs a letter to hire a bunch of gender studies to do research in NASA buildings with NASA overcut budget...

    I predict that after 4 years all we will get is some research on why Mars being a male planet can't host life, while earth is a female planet...

    Yea, like the F-22... no, wait, OK, then like the F-35... no, damn it, there has to be something that works...
    While military planes is not my job... I guess some of them must be working somehow... what have we begin flying in this recent wars?

    Wikipedia says that this is what we using:

    Here picking up some of the most popular ones:

    A-10C Thunderbolt II
    C-17A Globemaster III
    C-130H Hercules
    F-15 Eagle
    F-15E Strike Eagle
    F-16 Fighting Falcon (we have almost 1k of this things)
    KC-135 Stratotanker (400 of this and it seems like all they do is refuel other planes on air)
    T-6A Texan II (450 of this and it says is for training... 450 is more than what many countries have total)
    T-38 Talon (480 of this... more training?)
    QF-4E Phantom (Something about drones)

    Oh and that was the Air force... then it comes the Army, the Coast Guard, the Marines, the Navy, the Special Operation Commands... And this is what they recognize they have, but I would not be surprised they have planes that are secret.

    I guess some of those planes have to work somehow... as I say... if the job needs to get done... but maybe you are right, F-35 is shit and that is why nothing never gets done...

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