Sorry for my absence, a lot's been on the go, but I released a new book and have a new promotional thing coming up! Free books and discounts! Here's the long and the short of it!

Living amongst the Dead - July 22-23
When her No means Yes - July 22-23
Firearm Valhalla - July 22-23
Another One Please, to Dull the Pain - Perma-FREE on Lulu in the link below

Living amongst the Dead : Dark Days
July 18-23 USA - $1.99 USD
July 18-23 UK - .99 GBP
Otherwise - $2.99 USD

Living amongst the Dead : On the Road Again
July 18-23 UK - .99 GBP
Otherwise - $2.99 USD

Living amongst the Dead : Struggles New and Old
$2.99 USD

Or you can check it out on my website

Now, real talk, I've been having a few drinks tonight and fucked up by dropping a LITTLE bit of water on the computer. Well I didn't think it'd be a big deal, but now the touchpad is getting fucked up. It's a roughly 9 year old laptop, quite old, and now I think I'll have to get myself a mouse just to use it properly without pulling my hair out and succumbing to male-pattern baldness that much sooner, and I do believe I might be suffering from a receding hairline even though I'm not even 30. Pretty shitty. Anyways, I must rum some more. Yes, rum is a verb, and as far as I'm concerned it is the greatest verb in the English language. Cheers!