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Thread: I guess looking is sexual harassment now

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    I guess looking is sexual harassment now

    Bill O'Reilly's accuser cited the way he looked at her as sexual harassment.

    I guess when men are in the presence of a woman we must avert our eyes???

    How low is the thresh-hold for sexual harassment???
    Calling someone a misogynist for criticizing feminism is like calling someone a racist for criticizing slavery.

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    Of course it is... also dark glasses are not acceptable, that is "creepy" and make them uncomfortable.... the only valid option is to don't have eye contact with anyone.

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    I've consulted Matriarchy Central and their very reasonable response is that Bill O'Reilly should have gouged out his own eyes with his fingers to ensure that there was no risk of his odious male gaze causing any woman a moment of emotional discomfort.

    Apparently, this rule also applies to the other three billion human beings who had the bad taste to be born male.
    We fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that it will triumph. (TS Eliot)

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    only when HE looks.

    if SHE looks its empowering.

    get your shit straight.
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    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.

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    “He always walked past my desk and he made like a grunting noise,” Burgess said, though she initially brushed it off as a muscle spasm. “As time went on, I noticed if no one was around he would make that noise.”

    Burgess noted that he would continue to eye her up-and-down while she sat at her desk, but she refused to give him any sort of attention. She also noted that O’Reilly had no reason to be at her desk was.

    “he walks past and says, ‘Hey, hot chocolate.’ But he doesn’t look at me when he said it.” She added that she had never responded him and that O’Reilly would only address her in a demeaning matter, refusing to ever acknowledge her like a regular person. “I was mortified because not only was it sexual, I took that as a very plantational remark.”

    Coughing and clearing phlegm in your throat is sexual harassment to, I guess.

    As a man you lest not breathe when in a woman's presence in case your breathing is audible and therefore threatening to a woman's sensibilities.

    Funny thing is I have been given signals by women that they are attracted to me and when I did not reciprocate they became furiously vindictive.

    And women lament, "where are the real men these days. I give these men ample signals when they are in my presence. Look at how I flip my hair compulsively and wear revealing clothing. Men these days are just too cowardly to initiate a relationship. I want a real man"

    And men strive to obtain status and power to be attractive to women and women want men with status and wealth as is evident from hundreds of studies in molecular biology, genetics, anthropology, evolutionary psychology, economics et cetera

    Men tend study more difficult things than women at university so they will be qualified for a lucrative career when they graduate to be attractive to women.

    Men work harder than women to achieve a promotion and make more money and be attractive to women.

    Men work in more dangerous jobs to make more money and be more attractive to women.

    Then when one of these men risk 100% of the rejection to try to initiate a relationship with a woman it can backfire and be seen as harassment and a man can lose all he ever work for, to be attractive to women in the first place.

    The system is completely rigged in woman's favor.

    You cannot win if you are a Man.
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    Calling someone a misogynist for criticizing feminism is like calling someone a racist for criticizing slavery.

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    Hot Chocolate? I don't think so! But if she's talking 6 years and 50+ pounds ago, I could see it.

    Ha ha, The View handles her with kid gloves as if she were the victim of some horrible, violent rape; just the tone of their voices is annoying. It's all just a big pity party shitshow.
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    Unfortunately, I can't drink anymore. I seem to be allergic to alcohol. Whenever I drink, I break out in handcuffs.

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    If simply breathing and looking meets the criteria for sexual harassment what employer in their right mind would take the chance on hiring a woman???*
    Calling someone a misogynist for criticizing feminism is like calling someone a racist for criticizing slavery.

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    ya mean what employer would risk hiring a man, don't ya.
    A man can gain no more respect than by, laying down his life for a woman. And a woman, no more than by, beating down a man. For a man to ask, what is fair and good and true and just, is to offend.

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