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Thread: Can a virgin be a mgtow?

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    A strike would imply temporary.

    When will you be going back to work?

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    Ah, yes, this thread just might contain evidence as to why the men's movement never accomplishes anything but further slavery for men. Good job! Please carry on.

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    You can sooner fit a camel through the eye of a needle than get a married man into MGTOW heaven.
    A virgin however, I think thats an 'auto-in'
    OH? You would like to Flame ME? ... ok, come now, don't be shy.... Step into the light....

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    Can a Virgin be a MGTOW? I don't see why not. Think of how many young women think that they are so pure and so perfect that no man is worthy of them.

    I think a good way to show this notion off to women would be for single guys to wear "diamond" solitaire rings. (probably better to wear the "CZ's". Inexpensive mounts can have a large stone, what would appear like a 1ct weight diamond....only it's an inexpensive cubic zirconia stone) The one like pictured below is a plated ring with a CZ stone for $20 USD. Thus a man can choose to wear what he would have given a woman for her engagement and marriage to him on his own hand instead, just to send a message.

    Men's rings are fairly basic, and often a passport into the Business Sector. Look around at some of the Businessmen when you are around them and see the rings that they wear.

    Then think, "I'm wearing the ring I would have given a Wife....but then, I went MGTOW".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibn.AL.Muqafaa View Post
    By law the women in Lebanon don't have equal rights to men in many cases ( most of them are religious because we don't have civil laws ) but socially, they are far ahead.
    This is true in most countries, women hold the power socially and in relationships. This is how to stop crushing on women. They take advantage of men, play games with them for their own pleasure, and wind us up like a clockwork toy. Realising this then leads to MGTOW, and this reduces their power, heralding their moans about there not being any good men out there. That's because we are not going to play a game where the odds are stacked so much against us.

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