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Thread: Feminism is harmful to women

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    Feminism is harmful to women

    I am an Arab atheist, and it goes without saying that women are treated as sub-humans in the Islamic world.

    I agree with this statement, because feminism creates a victim complex, making women not take responsibility , and not making them work hard for themselves.
    I did some research on feminism including the suffrage movement, feminism only gave women equal rights but not equal obligations to men.
    I personally think, we the Arabs need an Egalitarian/Humanist movement instead of a feminist movement.

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    It is harmful to us women because it offers nothing but illusions and lies. Telling women to scorn men, marginalize men, and live as perpetual victims will never be ''empowering,'' which feminism tries to promote. I never really loathed the word ''empowerment'' or thought much about it at all, until feminism. :/

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