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Thread: the Friday night shit test

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    I didn't say every "unicorn" will stab you in the back. But many of the men who've been stabbed in the back thought they had a unicorn.
    wise words
    train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose Yoda

    to thine own self be true!

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    apparently the unicorn myth was developed from early written accounts of the rare and exotic horselike horned white...........

    Im thinking were still as partial to a rosy imagination as we used to be.

    and that bitch wouldn't think twice about stomping you into the dirt!!!!!!!
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    A man can gain no more respect than by, laying down his life for a woman. And a woman, no more than by, beating down a man. For a man to ask, what is fair and good and true and just, is to offend.

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