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Show a source that describes the legal obligation you are claiming. "Secret meeting".. "making moves".. again just a load of sophistry terms used to imply malevolent intend. Not an argument.
Sure... so why the Congress investigator want to interview Jr about this events???

If there is nothing potentially illegal about it, then... why is there an investigation?

If there is a legal obligation, then the only moral thing to do is apply this standard universally. I doubt that will happen... because this particular kind of 'meeting' is so commonplace it would incriminate darn near everyone.
Oh really? How often you go to meetings with foreign governments to work out the outcome of a presidential campaign???

I can tell you one thing... I have never being in one of those.

You can drop the KGB CNN bullcrap.. I am not playing the quote reply dance on snarky comments. Media bias is self-reported and well documented.
When I was a kid I remember seeing on TV an America proud of itself, I wonder what happened to it...

Now it seems like people think that is such a great victory to have one corrupt over the other??? That is Venezuela level of national pride...

Trump Jr. took the meeting to find out if there was evidence that his political opponent was colluding, ironically with the Russians. His intent was to uncover evidence, which is precisely the job of any campaign team, who investigate their opponents all the time.
There is limitations to what can be "investigated", I am not an expert, but I would think that engaging in international espionage is one of those limits...

Implying immorality is not the same as proving immorality. Provide evidence.. otherwise it's just an attempt at character assassination.
Jr. posted the evidence on his tweeter... Did you read it?

Did Trump Jr. actually meet with a Russian government official? Nope... it was a fake.. so nothing to report and his private meetings with other private citizens is nobodies business.
Did you see the video where he says he did interview???

And it looks more and more like a DNC setup for the FIFA court spying on the Trump campaign. How the worm turns.
No idea what you talking about here.