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Thread: How to start LIKING your vegetables

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    How to start LIKING your vegetables

    If you're like me, a confirmed carnivore, your idea of "meatless friday" is to order a pizza.

    Setting aside any ketogenic arguments for the moment, I think we all understand instinctively that the healthiest diet is diverse, not just meat or meat and potatoes, veg are essential for micronutrients and to break up the unhealthy dependence on "white carbs" for bulking up a meal to be more filling.

    I think we all went thru the stage of buying those "lettuce mix" bags of cold, tasteless rabbit-food, with possibly ranch dressing being the only bright spot of the meal.

    And to my knowledge there is no "veggie fast food" other than those same "cold lettuce mix" crap they serve at McDonalds with grilled chicken (and ranch dressing.)

    If you want to eat more veg and not hate life, you have to cook.

    - 1 can of green beans
    - 1 can of tomato sauce (I like the one with basil in it)
    - 1 onion
    - 1 pack of meat (any kind but the ones labeled "stir fry" are easiest to start)
    - Butter (salted)
    - Black pepper (fine)
    - Any kevlar coated pan (it doesn't have to be a wok or a frying pan)

    Step 1 - Peel and chop up 1 onion, you can slice or dice it any way you like
    Step 2 - Put the pan on stove, drop in enough butter that when it melts, it covers the pan bottom in a thin layer
    Step 3 - Drop in the meat one piece at a time, to cover the bottom of the pan evenly
    Step 4 - Stir 30 seconds until the meat gains some color, sprinkle a dash of black pepper, stir again 15 seconds
    Step 5 - Drop in the onions, stir 30 seconds
    Step 6 - Open can of green beans, keep the tin on to drain it, then pour the beans into the pan, stir 30 seconds
    Step 7 - Open can of tomato sauce, pour 1/3 or 1/2 (depending on your taste) into the pan, stir 30 seconds
    Step 8 - Sprinkle more black pepper, to taste, stir again 15 seconds

    Now turn off the stove and scoop meat and veg onto your plate, enjoy!

    Variants :

    Chicken is best to keep lean, beef for a treat or a change of pace

    Green beens, onion and tomato sauce taste great together. You can add/substitute other veg like asparagus, snow peas, peppers, mushroom, etc.

    Protip : You have to clean snowpeas. It's my favorite veg to eat, but a pain in the butt to prepare. Basically you have to cut off the tips and pull out the "stringy" part to make it edible. It usually takes about 15 minutes prep to clean 1 pack of snowpeas. So if you have the time, go for it, it's delicious.

    Bon appetit

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    replace all can's with home grown veggies ^^
    kevlar with cast iron
    meat from a good source not mass production farming.
    butter with coconut oil or animal fat from a good source

    and you have my vote.

    ive not bought prepared stuff in years.
    i only eat what i kill. (almost)
    i only eat what i grow for veggies
    i buy fruit.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheNarrator View Post
    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.

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    You can make it as complex or as simple as you want.

    This is just a baseline for the average person who mostly eats out of a hot dog cart or drive thru, it literally takes 5 minutes to prepare, and you'll finally get some veg in your system without wanting to slit your wrist.

    Veg that actually tastes good, get some ketosis going, chop off a few pounds, etc etc.

    It took me a long time to figure out how to eat like this.

    I'll never eat bag salad again.

    When I was a young boy, my mom used to cook from scratch, but I wasn't old enough to appreciate it, I wanted chicken fingers, burgers, "American food."

    By the time I was older, she was sicker and didn't have that much energy.

    I craved home cooking so bad, just a home made chicken soup or something (not the kind you make with boullion cubes, actual fucking chicken.)

    You basically have to learn to cook if you want to eat things that don't taste like garbage.

    I hate the culture of fast food so much.

    I hate feminism and career women.

    I love grandma and abuela that just wants to feed you. Grandma > Young women

    In most so-called "underdeveloped countries" they have a thing called an "eat house."

    This is basically grandma in her kitchen, in a private residence, and people can show up and she'll feed you for a few bucks.

    Best. Thing. Ever.

    Way better food than McDooDoo and it's already made, you just show up and eat.

    Real chicken soup.

    Porkchop and mash potato, chitlins, collared greens, oh my gawd.

    Russian borscht with meat on the bone.

    Dolma (it's a grape leaf wrapped around ground beef)

    Bone marrow soup with pig's feet.

    This is what "food" is.

    Not this anglo piece of shit "burgers and fries" crap, overly industrialized Matrix/Google jew faggotry.

    I love women, I don't need them to be "factors of production."

    I want women to be like my grandma.

    You have to take care of women and they'll take care of you.

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    I'm not much for fruits, but I put berries in my smoothie every morning.

    I read in recent news that in order for men to keep their muscle mass as we age, we have to up our protein intake, so now, for the first time in my life, I'm using whey protein (I trust the stuff from New Zealand the most, as their cows are pastured all year round and their dairy standards are second to none). One of the best meats for CLA and omega-3 is New Zealand lamb, so I eat lamb chops every other day (seared in butter, then I pour in worcestershire sauce which sizzles and caramelizes into a fantastic thick sauce!). Anjelica will be happy to know that I'm helping support her economy!

    I've learned to love veggies! In fact, I bought a juicer a couple of weeks ago. Mainly because I was drinking Biotta vegetable juice almost every day, but at $6 a bottle it was pricey as hell, so now I make my own: carrot juice, celery juice, then I mix that with canned tomato paste and water, with ground pepper and worcestershire sauce (yes, I love the stuff, I even drink it straight out of the bottle!). And yeah, I know, I've made fun of somebody here on the forum in the past regarding juicing, so I'm eating my words now, ain't I?

    "Look at this celery, Gordy....LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I'd be a real healthy fuck if I didn't drink a bottle of wine and smoke a few cigs twice a week, but fuck it, I enjoy it!

    Like Narrator and Dubs, I cook all my own meals. I almost never eat take-out. It seems to be working. My tiny 20-year old sugar baby tells me I have a great body, and normally I would take that with a grain of salt, but she also says I have a thick dick and am a great kisser, which I know for a fact is true, so hey, I guess she's telling the truth. Not bad for a 49 year old, eh? I haven't eaten her out yet....she'll be in love with me after that! >;-)
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    Keep rocking Old Blue, I love your enthusiasm.

    If I may offer advice, a "sugar baby" would already be getting enough benefit from you, eating her out in my opinion would be a little too much supplication.

    Every relationship has a power balance and being "too nice" tends to ruin the chemistry.

    Juicing is a terrific option, I have a juicer but haven't really made anything except carrot juice.

    In the future I may just go steaks + juicer myself as the main form of nutrition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubs View Post
    Keep rocking Old Blue, I love your enthusiasm.

    If I may offer advice, a "sugar baby" would already be getting enough benefit from you, eating her out in my opinion would be a little too much supplication.

    Every relationship has a power balance and being "too nice" tends to ruin the chemistry.

    Juicing is a terrific option, I have a juicer but haven't really made anything except carrot juice.

    In the future I may just go steaks + juicer myself as the main form of nutrition.
    Thanks to Walmart, organic carrot and celery is very affordable! As for the sugar baby, she must have been missing a father when she was growing up, I dunno, but she's giving me what I need, genuine or not, I don't fucking care. I got grey chest hairs, I know what the deal is.

    Oh, to keep on topic, eating corn chips with LOTS of salsa is a good way to get your veggies, as salsa is mainly tomato and onion. I've tried a few brands, including Mexican, and I even tried to like a couple of organic ones, but I always come back to Campbell's Soup-made's fucking delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and don't forget sea vegetables! They are often much more nutritious than land veggies. I eat seaweed almost every day.....dulse to be precise. I don't have time to copy and paste dulse info, I'm fucking going to bed, but google it! Seaweeds are awesome! I love eating dulse because it tastes like when you're swimming in the ocean and take a gulp of sea water. Lots of minerals and potassium and protein.
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    Fortunately I never had an issue with vegetables when growing up. I definitely want to invest in a juicer though, been tempted to get one.
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    I like to boil a couple of regular potatoes, a couple of sweet potatoes, a few carrots, and some rutabaga. Then I boil some frozen green peas. Then I mash it all up with butter and pepper. It's fucking delicious, especially when it's fried in even more butter! And if you boil some chicken parts at the same time, then toss in the boiled chicken meat while you're frying it, holy fuck, it's awesome! We call it hash.

    It's a great campsite recipe as you boil all the shit the night before over the fire, leave it in the pots covered overnight, then fry it up in the morning. Frying up diced onions first can only make it better! Some might say, "Ughhhh, leaving food overnight at warm temperatures? You're gonna die!" Well, I haven't gotten sick yet in the 20 years I've been doing it, so relax snowflakes, everything's gonna be okay!
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    Tomatoes are THE most important vegetable a man can eat. Good for yer prostate, good for yer cardiotacular system, and good for yer bones! They say dem der tomatoes haves to be cooked to gits all the good stuff like likopeen, so eats yer marina sauce every day! Costco has a good deal on packs of Kirkland organic marina sauce....I could make it from scratch, but why reinvent the wheel? I add summer savory, rosemary, basil, and oregano. Then I fry up some ground meat and mix it in. It's some good!

    Men stay single and your pockets will jingle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldblueeyes View Post
    My Gawd, how can you eat lycopene that is (gasp) ... tetra-cis! Four-times-cis!! You Tomazi!!!
    Ceterum censeo that all statues of tomatos should be removed.

    Or ... fresh herbs lift any meal. IMO both lovage and ordinary leaf celery also go exceedingly well with tomato.


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