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Thread: Prostate issues, inability to urinate

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    Prostate issues, inability to urinate

    Prostate problems? There is a natural substance which has worked in 6 out of 6 cases I know. Saw Palmetto. The one I use is from Wal-mart, though if you can find another source with the same exact stuff, who you buy it from doesn't matter. Standardized extract 160 mg.

    There are horribly expensive artificial meds, but they have safety warnings on them.

    Here in Mexico, they sell this stuff, foil wrapped around a dollar a pill. Where I buy them they are 100 for less than $7. I bring a box full each trip and give them to elderly men, which means almost as old as I am.

    The stuff is slow but sure. it takes a week or two to work, because they are natural. Once they start working, you pop one a day and that's it.

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    I met an old German man once who was drinking something called fireweed tea every day for his prostate issues. He claimed it worked. Google it and see what you think. Keep in mind that these herbal remedies might lower your PSA levels so that if there is prostate cancer, it may not register in blood work, so make sure to get the old finger up yer ass twice a year.
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    I don't worry about prostate cancer. First, most people who get prostate cancer die from something else.

    Also, being well informed on the Warburg Effect, and very low carb diets, I do not expect cancer to flourish in my body.

    I do have SIBO, thanks to a rare visit to a doctor several years ago. Working on that.

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