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Thread: Lord of the Flies remake with all girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manalysis View Post
    Isn't Charlotteville a LOTF story?

    Good observation. LOTF story with people who in their own judgement would be on the same side in LOTR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voidspawn View Post
    Fanciful what if imagining sparked by a literary posed question is also part of things, even if better suited to beered up conversations in pubs.
    Speaking of which, my ideal remake of LOTF would be a boy-vs-girl version. or men vs. women. Finally some realism on these tropical islands.
    Mr PE as Ralph and Warren Farrell as Piggy, Clementine Ford or some other Fem hack to play Jack, and a random cackle of feminists to be their choir.


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