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It's not an easy thing for any man to come forward about. Just the simple stigma of being abused or bullied by anyone is hard for a man to open up about, when it's an intimate partner just makes the hard near impossible. Gay support groups might have better methods and information with more experience of dealing with IPV and DV. There's been a lot of harm done by all who force distance between gay men and straight men. Even if that isn't the demographic to be served homosexual men's groups might be more locally present and willing to share information. I think gay men when not under the influence of the fear and hate agenda of feminists, would be more inclined to have compassionate views towards all men. Many gay men have personal stories of abusive mothers.

Canadian Association For Equality: http://equalitycanada.com

Have been collecting information, and I think they connect into the US and might be able to put information your way, good to contact for general advice.

Janice Fiamengo is another good potential source, I don't know how she's contacted but she has facebook and twitter, http://en.wikimannia.org/Janice_Fiamengo and does videos for Studio Brule on youtube.

She's been collecting men's stories for some time, and has built up a collections she plans to publish. But since she's primarily does this for men's rights activism and her profession is English Literature professor, I would imagine she would give permission for you to use material for developing a men's shelter. I don't know when she plans to publish, but she would collect from a larger audience than just Canada. She'd also collect material using professional academic standards.

Also check out Lara Stemple's research, she's done extensive work on female perpetration of violent and sexual abuse. Very high quality research and non partisan.
Thank you, this will help i think.