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Thread: mother walked free after bashing her eight-month-old girl with cooking spoon

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    Yeah, look at what they did to Thomas Ball, for slapping his daughter's mouth and making it bleed, when it was obvious he had no idea that would happen.

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    Yup, even a threat of violence by a man results in severe punishment, but women who beat their children mostly get away with it. No calls for equality from the feminists on this one.

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    I finally realized several years ago, the reason they are so harsh with men who merely shout or smash their fist into the wall, is because the man-haters have everything else sewed up.

    They own the divorce courts. They punish any violence very much. The only thing they don't control is "the wrath of Kahn!' When a man learns his wife has been doing half the town, he can still pound her into the ground. So, they attempt to harshly punish any sign of testosterone at all, so men are so cowed they can't even double their hands into fists when they walk into their own bedroom, and McFuckBuddy has it rammed up her so far it protrudes from her mouth. "Er, excuse me, I didn't know you had company." (Note, there is one case where this might be justified, if this will keep your kids out of maternal custody. But, the odds are slim to none.)

    Hey, it's working! In spite of losing all our human; legal; civil; and constitutional rights, how much have men actually done to defend themselves? Zero; zip; nada. Most won't even consider GTHO. Totally cowed.

    In the '80's, someone, NCM or Richard Doyle or Bob Sides had a slogan: If you won't fight the man who takes your kids, who will you fight?

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