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funny traffic is so low after red pill movie, and feminists crazier than ever.

it would seem mhra hasn't taken off.
MHRA crawls along, people realising what's going on. Feminism isn't going to fall so easy, it's deeply embedded institutional power, fed by universities, endlessly pumped on the media and has a fanatical cult in celebrity and hollywood culture. TRP did a lot of good, but it's a crack in a large and aggressive entity.

Feminism also is a superiority cult, MHRM is about boring old justice, fairness and equality. No encouraging people to play victim olympics, doesn't tell people to feel morally and sexually superior, doesn't excuse bad behaviour or make hating a heroic act. I think it's tortoise vs the hare.

Also politicians are fair weather friends. You'll notice that feminists are crazier than ever but conservatives, classical liberals, libertarians have spoken up more, a lot of people have placed their bets on Trump, but MHRM isn't really on people's radar, empathy gap and gynocentrism are as strong as ever. But good news trickles through, Betsy Devos is seriously critical of Title IX, and that could start a serious review of Duluth model and rape culture. Feminism is hot air and screaming, but they got a lot of people doing it, Australia they could have seriously overplayed their hand. I don't think the average Australians are that stupid. Canada may have headed to become full on cuckistan but even there the resistance has been profound.

The far leftard have overplayed hand after hand and basically taxed peoples good will by always claiming to be representing the underdogs and vulnerable, but Antifa have shown a very different face, and even BLM are getting sick of them.

Also MHRMs campaigning has made a difference, when I first reviewed DV government literature over 10 years it was 100% male blaming and hating, everything was about how vile men were and how victimised were women, 5 years after that there was a small chink when a a few categories of men were added to the support services, gay men, young male victims of parental or sibling abuse, the feminists had allowed a rather silly category to be discussed - that is male victims of their female partners where the females incorrectly pre-emptively attacked or projected their prior abuser onto the male. Now you can review quite a lot of DV sites, and yes still massively stacked in favour of women (which you don't deny that female DV and IPV victims need support) but they also have (sometimes a bit buried) but information which says DV happens to men too, and all DV is wrong. You get some shelters and support services slowly opening up to men, still a lot to do, but without the MHRM nothing would have happened.

We need to keep pushing on education, young men are being screwed out of a future and that is unforgivable and family and divorce court remains a disaster, but lots of men are waking up to the dangers of getting into relationships with women that involve any property sharing let alone marriage. MGTOW guys have a never going back to the plantation attitude and more and more people can see why. Women against feminism are also getting a little bolder and they need to pushed forward, feminism stole their voice and dictated their future without ever asking them, without ever winning an election it just claimed to be speaking for all women, and a lot of them are seeing that for what it is - theft of their democratic rights and destructive to the relationships that they want.

Progress is slow and frustrating, but it's not a matter of if, but when.