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Thread: Now girls can be Boy Scouts

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    I think most of us are going to have to find a way to harden our hearts towards those who continue to push these narratives... because when (not if) our societies start panicking as the money runs out.. we are going to have to watch a lot of suffering.. likely starvation and war.. before people re-align to virtue.. assuming there are any virtuous left afterwords.

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    i agree iggy, i recommend to everyone to get self sustainable. or away from western civ.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheNarrator View Post
    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.

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    Not sure I'm ready to panic just yet.

    One of the defining features of masculinity is the ability to adapt and overcome.

    There is no such thing as "an environment we can't thrive in."

    Boys may adapt in ways society doesn't like.

    But that's not a threat to boys, that's a threat to society.

    It's like George Carlin on environmentalism, "The planet isn't going anywhere, WE are."

    Boys aren't going anywhere, YOU are.

    You might fuck up and raise the next axe murderer and that's entirely your own fault and unfortunate.

    But boys aren't made of delicate crystal.

    They're not going to shatter from coming into contact with girls, faggots or trannies.

    More like the opposite.

    Our government spends almost nothing on boys and men.

    By contrast it spends billions on girls and women, with enough programs to fill a telephone book.

    And they STILL can't keep up.

    Mgtow is not "failure to adapt."

    Mgtow is "adapting."

    Like I said, you can't control how boys adapt, all we know is that they will. It's very likely for boys to adapt in ways you don't like that are terrible for society.

    But that's your own fault.

    I was never in the scouts, I was a cadet (

    Ah, lots of great memories.

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    The more things change, the more they remain the same. My grandfather and his father did not have the BSofA to provide that umbrella. They just got together with their neighbors and made up their own activities. Such an approach would certainly revitalize the father-son rite of passage and put some backbone into the male population.

    My grandfather was the grandson of a pioneer. Those three generations participated in bringing the rough frontier into civilization. They all worked hard, suffered much, and didn't wait for society to help them make their way. Oh yeah, grandpa's mother was a termagant with whom his father could not live under the same roof with. He spent a great deal of his life living near his work and sending home everything but enough for him to survive on.

    I quit BSofA at age 14 after I worked to get the forestry merit badge--one of the hardest ones to get then--because the leadership just disappeared one day and there was no follow through. Been quasi-MGTOW most of my life. I never wait around for an organization to get their act together. Most of the time I just educate myself and go do what I want done. And grind my teeth and curse under my breath when forced to submit to government bureaucracy.

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    It would help of all could read the story of the creation of Boy Scouts. Baden-Powell was a war hero in Africa on the British side. He had been assigned the role of creating a military Scout program. Literally scouts who were sent out alone or in small groups to obtain info on enemy activity.

    The guys were so dense if they encountered a large river on their scouting expedition, they would turn around and go back to their unit to ask what to do about the big river in their path.

    So, BP started a training program to teach the scouts how to figure things out for themselves, and was very successful at it. And, his amazing work in the long siege in Africa, in which he sent out letters to his mother via Zulus every so many days intrigued the entire UK when they were printed.

    After the war was over, certain important people commented how disgusting British youth was, about like they are in the US today heh heh. They asked him to set up a program for youth. Essentially he took his military program and adapted it for civilian youth. It swept the UK. Boys were totally enchanted with it, and scouting became far beyond a mere fad. Crime among British youth plummeted, and a daily good deed became mandatory for most boys.

    Of course Scouts must be neutered. Nothing that makes males look better can be tolerated.

    In 1925, my dad was 18. I have a copy of a photo of his Model-T parked under trees in front of a Scout tent, with him standing beside the old car. He was only Scout master for one year, because his dairy herd needed attention day and night. But, in the 1980's, after I wrote an op-ed about my dad on Father's day, one of his scouts came to see him because of the op-ed. My dad was pleased, not only with the complimentary op-ed, but also that Scout by that time also an old man, coming a long distance to see him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubs View Post
    They're not going to shatter from coming into contact with girls, faggots or trannies.
    Well I don't think the danger on this is that it will break the boys... but it can potentially push them down... the day a girl makes an accusation, or just saying she is uncomfortable around a boy, or all boys... then things will get really spooky.

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    I can't wait for the day we have all girl boy scout troops. I say 5 years, tops.
    I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

    It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.

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    Fathers tend to be massive volunteers... which is why so many of these social groups for kids are having trouble these days... less fathers, less volunteers, fewer things for our son's to do.

    I've been a coach, manager, president of various groups since my first kid as 3 years old. I don't regret any of it... including the parental drama... because there was very little else I could and can do to help our youth grow into solid human beings.

    Communities need groups like the Scouts, Cultural Dance Groups, Sports Groups.. to give our kids that bridge between adults and themselves. Otherwise all they have for role models are public school teachers... which speaks for itself (in general, not all obviously).

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    If true, this may mean the Boys Scouts will have the last word, if enrollment trends continue.

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