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Thread: Meeting Jordan Peterson

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    nah, he understands some aspects of it but he does not get how red pill works and how deep gynocentrism is in our society. he believes we can salvage this.we cant.

    he is a great man but.. he can never understand this i dont think.

    im glad you met him though and i envy you that! he's definitely one of my idols.
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    Well, it looks like I'm probably a little late.

    My recommendation would have been to buy a copy of his book, take it along and ask him to sign it. I honestly think he'd appreciate you reading his book more than anything you might bring along. And if you read the book ahead of time you might find something you really wanted to ask him about in it.
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    Well, I will toast him his absence.

    To peterson who showed,
    even cain and abel knowed
    what a little lost
    will surely cost

    ...and to all men lost and found


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