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Thread: "Fuck Your Opinion" with Victor Zen: Objectifying Women

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    RE: "Fuck Your Opinion" with Victor Zen: Objectifying Women

    Recently my wife told me of a man who flirted with her. Damndest thing is she was being coy about it trying to protect my feelings, while I went on to tell her she is beautiful and it

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    Here's a couple of quotes I garnered from a group of wives that were distraught when their husbands preferred porn over their post menopausal dried up husks:

    "Why are men willing to be so stupid? A pair of boobs and a crotch shot make them willing to risk everything. Doesn't it bother them to realize that they are viewed as being that dumb?
    Why aren't men outraged that this is how they are viewed ? We women express our outrage as being unintelligent. We do this every opportunity we have. But men are being viewed and treated like dumb little lemmings hopping off into the abyss of artifical sex. Why doesn't this piss them off?"
    But, I still wonder why men are not upset as being targeted as unintelligent. That they are portrayed as people that have no depth, no brains (except for the small one in their other head), and confuse populating the world as a hand involved activity instead of a partner, wife, loved one activity. Where is the male outrage?
    Women have stood up to being objectified, being told we have no value, and being told we are unintelligent. We work for that to change. Why aren't they?"

    She's genuinely confused as to why men aren't doing something to change their inherent sexuality to better conform with the demands of their nagging wives. The idea that male sexuality is very different from female sexuality, and that good monogamous relationships (rare as they are) become less about sexual intimacy over time, appears to have flown right over her head.

    She shames male sexuality and demands to know why men aren't outraged and doing something about it. We'll maybe it's time we did the same. I demand to know why women aren't outraged about objectification, and why they aren't covering up those boobies to put a stop to this unnatural male desire...

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