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Thread: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?


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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    Anything on Lifetime.

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    Think like a man - based on the book by steve harvey is the biggest load of 'women are better at everything' bullshit i have seen in a very long time

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    There's a spectrum of misandry I've seen in movies to the all out man hating, glorification of violence towards men to the more minor material.

    The real bad:

    Thelma & Louise - seen, aside from the rampant misandry through the glorification and the "you go girl" attitude when the protagonists engage in violence towards men, and there were some innocent ones there, it makes me wonder what our world is coming to.

    Girls Against Boys - haven't seen, but read up enough about it to know what it's dealing out, same idea, make some girls heroes for killing men, more hate, just what we need.

    Teeth - all men are potential rapists, wouldn't it be great to have teeth in the vagina? Then those horrible men, I mean rapists will get their just deserts.

    Serial Mom - Kills mostly men and a teenage boy while everyone cheers, gets away scott free.

    The Moderate:

    Hostel 1 and 2 - there was plenty of violence towards women on the second one, but the castration scene ruined it, and these movies just weren't very good to begin with.

    The minor:

    Deathproof - if it's painting men as losers trying to get laid, it paints them as evil creeps, however, I will admit, that villain got the fate he deserved, and it was actually a good movie.

    Wreck-It-Ralph - I only saw misandry in the scene when Fix-It-Felix kept getting hit and how it was played for laughs, yes, laugh at the guy getting hit. For The title character Ralph, if anything, it taught everyone the value the working man, and how people do take men and the work they do for granted and once they're gone, they see the impact. I would like to rant a little though, the movie could've been ten minutes, Ralph goes to party, background character is jerk to Ralph at party, all Ralph has to do is tell jerk he's more important to the game and that the jerk can be let go and is replaceable, where as Ralph, the game can't function without him. That would've shut all that dead weight up.

    Terminator 2 - the scene when Sarah Conner is doing her inner monologue. Before it didn't bother me all that much, but after witnessing some hypocrisy with people's opinions about sexism in entertainment, the gloves came off. Allow me to elaborate

    As an anime fan, there's a show I like called Chobits, the premise is that there are androids, cyborgs, robots, whatever you want to call them, in this series, they're called Persecoms. The protagonist Hideki wants one, and as luck would have it, he finds one in the garbage, she already has learning software but needs to be taught how to live in society. Eventually, the robot falls in love with the main character because, get ready for this, he treats her with respect as an equal, for example, she gets a job and when she tries to give him her pay, he tells her it belongs to her and it's hers to do as she wishes.

    What irritates the hell out of me is how people call this series, along with many other anime misogynistic, however, there was never a moment in the series that said or implied the robot is the ideal woman, as a matter of fact, they actually do cover that topic quite well with some of the other characters.

    However, imagine the outrage if young Hideki had an inner monologue (he actually didn't say this, I'm just using this as an example, lines from Terminator 2 modified to go from misandry to misogynistic:

    "Being with the machine, it was suddenly so clear. The Persecom, would never stop. It would never leave me, and it would never hurt me, never shout at me, or get drunk and hit me, or say it was too busy to spend time with me, or divorce me and take all money and continue to do so until I die (okay, I added that). It would always be there. And it would do anything to be with me because it's love is pure. Of all the would-be girlfriends/wives who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, was the only one who measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice."

    Now, do you see how misogynistic that was? Yet, we blindly allowed that inner monologue to come to pass because it was directed at the male gender. However, Terminator 2 was a masterpiece aside from this, so. I'm a little more forgiving in this case, I just fast forward that part.

    Now on to anime, there are some anime that are both misogynistic and misandric, but I see more misandry than misogyny. I'm going to rant some more since I'm on the topic, just because girls are dressed sexy doesn't make misogyny, I know critics say it objectifies women and sets up unreachable standards for women to live up to thus creating misogyny, I call bullshit. If I apply that logic to men, then movies like Captain America, The Avengers, and Hugh Grant movie, or movie where the main male protagonist is some great, handsome, rich, cool guy with the six-pack abs and fast car, you know, the whole nine yards, well, I call misandry then. You hear that? That's the sound of their argument falling apart now that I use it the other way. On that topic though, shouldn't we embrace some of these fictional characters because they do the right thing? They admit their mistakes and reconcile, the female characters are smart, independent and capable, but they aren't bitches about it, they're still nice and polite, well, many are, some, are poorly behaved, and that brings me to anime misandry.

    So it's late, I can't think off the top of my head as many examples as normal, but I'll come back and post more after this, but, here we go:

    Okamisan and Her Seven Companions - So the male protagonist likes the female protagonist, deep down, she likes him do, my issue with this series, even though it was entertaining, was that there are numerous occasions where humor is executed with the female protagonist hitting the male one, particularly when he didn't deserve, it, come to think of it, he never did, personally, he should just ditch that girl and go for one that doesn't hit him.

    Girls Bravo - Once again, jokes executed with a female character beating up the male protagonist, more severely than Okamisan, not only that, but this character knows how to fight, is very strong and is about twice the size of the male protagonist, he's a little guy, so not only am I seeing misandry with her beating on him, but the power dynamic between the characters is unfair. What are the critics problems with this series? The female nudity, no mind to the male character getting beaten within an inch of his life, and some of the scenes are very much like a domestic violence situation, just imagine if we did the exact same thing with a larger male character beating on a smaller female character, that wouldn't be so funny, so why do people think a girl beating on a smaller guy is? No wonder the male protagonist falls for a girl who's nice and kind and gentle, don't get the wrong idea, she's not submissive, but when she's upset with the male protagonist, she talks to him and just tells her how she feels. There is some humor in that the same female character beats on a male character however, it is because he is a douchebag, he is much larger and actually stronger, and he actually does bring it on himself, and I mean, he is a classic jerk, he also seems to enjoy being beat on, so a masochist.

    Spice & Wolf - It's not too bad, the female lead does toy with the male lead, but that didn't bother me, what did was near the end of the series she starts hitting him around and I just thought to myself as I watched the scene; "Does she really need to be doing that?"

    Overall, with anime, as long as the jokes don't go to far, and there's a balance, I don't mind, in the case of a series like Heaven's Lost Property, the main character does get beat on, but he does bring it on himself, but the series doesn't only target the male character, there is also a "dumb blond," character and another male character, who is intelligent and always has the answers, so, balance and lastly, I can take a joke, I can tolerate a little "misandry" or "misogyny" if that's what every joke is seen as now, it seems as though anything and everything is now offensive to someone. I do think we need to be careful to look at real misandry in media and entertainment, say, like endorsing violence towards men (Thelma & Louise), or doing something that wouldn't fly if the genders were reversed (Girls Bravo), this is how we can prevent ourselves from becoming male versions of Anita Sarkeesian who claims that Lord of the Rings is sexist towards women because there weren't enough female characters, she was using the Bechtel test you know, hey, let's apply that to men and see what we get:

    I got some anime:

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Queen's Blade and Samurai Girls, oh, now these are a laugh, I think I can stop there, they prove how ridiculous this test is. I was going to link a video, but, no, just do a YouTube search for one of these two anime, but I warn you, it's an R rating.

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    Meh, most anime has become quite misandric. From the simple, "pervert!" for trying to ask a woman/girl questions; to the more complex, like laying the beating down on a guy who had zero control over an action that happened, even if it was another girl who caused the action to happen.

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    @Shadizar - yes, that is a common trope in anime, the whole hit the male and everyone laughs, although, it isn

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    What? Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are awesome! (Temple of Doom is OK as well). (I don't consider what you mentioned to be misandry, having a bunch of expendable minions is a trope of action movies and it doesn't bother me in the slightest) The only flat out bad one is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    @1924 - Yes, the Indiana Jones series is great, the last one was somewhat weak, but I think you may have misinterpreted my sentiments.

    What I'm getting at is what I call the Indiana Jones Complex, we have good male heroes that get to do all the cool stuff, then we have male bad guys doing evil, cruel deeds - those evil males die the horrific deaths. What I'm getting at is that Indiana Jones is by no means misandric, what I'm saying is that it is fair. It's why Indiana Jones is neither misandric, or misogynistic because it is balanced, however, as I pointed out, Charlie's Angels was misandric because it didn't follow the same rules Indiana Jones did.

    So, if feminists want to see more female leads in their movies, then bring on the female minion/cannon fodder along with the evil cruel female villains. In other words, the toll to have one's gender as a lead doing all the great stuff, that gender must also be in the crude position as well, thus, the Indiana Jones Complex must be followed. It's my big issue when I hear how feminists complain about movies, they only want to see great female leads kicking all kinds of ass, but no evil female characters getting their asses kicked. Actually, it is a good representation of their entire platform when I think about, they only want the good but with none of the responsibilities that go along with it.

    So, no, Indiana Jones is not misandric, not at all.

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    The "Ginger Snaps" trilogy. Ugh.

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    RE: what are some feminist/man hating movies?

    I recently saw Jack Reacher and it was full of white knight BS it wasn't even funny. Which is weird because Tom Cruise usually stars in good films for men to watch. I wouldn't be surprised if the white knightishness goes back to the Lee Child novels

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