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Thread: Ontario

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    RE: Ontario

    hang em high, take pictures, would love to see them.
    Let me know when your thinking of doing it and perhaps we can hook-up.
    Safety in numbers.

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    RE: Ontario

    I'm from Brampton. Would be awesome if anyone else here was from Brampton, but if not then I suppose I could get involved with some stuff in Toronto.

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    RE: Ontario

    I need to be discreet in TO to protect my identity -- so I will be putting up posters with caution. However, guys from surrounding areas would not need to be as discreet. Perhaps if you guys want to get together sometime -- mondays are the best days for me. Cheers.

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    RE: Ontario

    Anyone of you folks around my area concerned about the repercussions from doing posters, just let me know and will pop on by to put them up.
    You watch my back while I'm doing it is all I ask.

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    RE: Ontario

    Great to hear Kingston chime in as well.
    I would love to go there sometime.
    I again am putting this out there for all you southern Ontario MRA's
    I will come to your town and do the postering for you all I need from you is to watch my back from a distance.

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    RE: Ontario

    Matty in the nation's capital here!

    I would really like to get down to postering here, but I'd rather not do it alone because, if Creepy BitterGrrrl and the Femistasi brigade are any indication, that could get dangerous.

    I've already scouted out some locations. If anybody knows some Ottawa-based MRAs or others that would be willing to make the trip to O-Town for a day or two of postering, I'm all in. I live in a tiny apartment though, so I'm not sure if hosting somebody at my abode would work out too well.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!


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    RE: Ontario

    I'm from Hamilton Ontario as well. Glad to see I have some likeminded individuals nearby me. :-)

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    RE: Ontario

    Greetings all, I'm in London. As for posturing I'm more than willing to watch anyone's back if they can return the favour. This town is a university town and it needs it bad IMHO. Looking forward to any PM's. I work M-F but can help out on weekends. Take care!
    If you were my husband, I would feed you poison. If you were my wife, madam, I would take it!
    -- Lady Astor and William Churchill...

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    RE: Ontario

    Peterborough/Kawartha region here.

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    RE: Ontario

    Cool anytime your ready, it would be nice to have someone to watch my back take pictures, and or join in the festivities.
    Will pm you.

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