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Thread: Ontario

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    RE: Ontario

    Can we make a meeting point for Toronto -- say Sat Oct 20th 12:00pm -- for postering. Like I said, I prefer to be discreet as I live downtown --but can do other things to help out.

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    RE: Ontario

    October isn't looking too good for me right now, early in November would be much better.

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    RE: Ontario

    Count me in for the T.O. postering whenever you guys agree on a date. PM me with details when you have more info por favor.

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    RE: Ontario

    Can anyone else make it Oct 20th - 12pm? -- And DB, just pick a date that works for you in Nov -- and see what happens.

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    RE: Ontario

    Quote Originally Posted by pbw
    Can anyone else make it Oct 20th - 12pm? -- And DB, just pick a date that works for you in Nov -- and see what happens.
    I can make it, it's something I'd really like to do. Been doing a little postering on my own already

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    RE: Ontario

    I'm up for Oct 20th. I'll likely use a "go train" from a suburb to save on parking so we should probably discuss where we're going to meet up. I'm in London btw. If anyone wants to hitch a ride just let me know.

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    RE: Ontario

    Sorry guys but Oct 20th is not working for me. Got to go to work. Lets wait for Nov and see if DannyBoy can make it.

    Btw, I want to mention that in TO -- a somewhat recent event has been occcuring which could create some problems. There has been a string of sexual assaults occuring in the Christie pit area which has got significant media attention. So far there has been two rather big demonstrations by women groups who did two different marches in the area. So police have been very much on top of this case looking for the suspect. So right now TO is in a bit of tense mood. AVFM posters could create some hostile back lash. Since I live in the downtown area, I really need to keep low key. It actually would be better if some MRAs from out of town could come in to help out and then after disappear from the area.

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    RE: Ontario

    I'm in downtown Toronto as well, and to be honest, I'm a little hesitant to poster too close to home (Parkdale).
    If there has been issues in Christie Pits area, we might want to avoid targeting that neighbourhood right now, while emotions are running high among the womans rights crowd.
    I'm still available for saturday, if others are still interested. If not, we can leave it for another time.

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    RE: Ontario

    Okay; let's see if we can put something together for November.

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    RE: Ontario

    The strategic areas for postering would near the UFT area -- and the club district -- Spadina and Queen area I would think. Any other out of town MRAs interested in helping out?

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